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Transition of NYU-NET to an IP-Only Network

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Over the course of its 20-year history, NYU-NET, the campus data network, has supported a variety of communications protocols for the various computers on the network, including DECNet (Digital Equipment Corporation), XNS (Xerox and Ungermann-Bass systems), AppleTalk (pre-Mac OS 9 Macintosh computers), and IPX (Netware's unsupported v5.0 and earlier Novell servers). Each of these computer manufacturers has dropped support for its proprietary communications systems in favor of IP (the Internet Protocol). Similarly, vendors of networking equipment are also eliminating "multiprotocol support" in their network switches and routers. Though ITS has phased out the use of DECNet and XNS, AppleTalk and IPX continue to operate on NYU-NET, and as long as we require infrastructure which supports those two protocols, that requirement limits our choices for new equipment to those which have reduced IP capabilities. There is also typically a premium cost for equipment that supports these legacy communications technologies. As a result, multiprotocol use on NYU-NET is impacting our ability to develop the campus network and support the high-performance computing and networking needs of University research.

This is an advance announcement that ITS plans to retire the AppleTalk and IPX protocols on the backbone of the University network on June 1, 2008. To our knowledge, the only devices remaining on NYU-NET that would be adversely affected by the discontinuation of those services are rather old devices no longer supported by their vendors:

  • Apple LaserWriter printers which only support AppleTalk
  • File sharing and printing from Macintosh computers running System 8 or earlier
  • Novell servers running Netware v5.0 or earlier. (Netware v5.1 is IP capable.)

ITS is happy to work with departments that have any concerns regarding the above plan or need assistance in identifying any such equipment in their environments. Please contact the ITS Client Services Center at 212-998-3333 with any questions or comments.