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Retirement of NYU USENET News Service

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The USENET News service has been active on NYU-NET since the inception of the campus network. Over that period of time, USENET activity on campus grew from a modest service to one of the most active USENET services on the planet. In recent years, however, technologies such as weblogs, private web services, and instant messaging have contributed to record-low activity on the NYU-NET USENET service. Even though campus use of the USENET service is very low, maintaining this service makes very intensive use of both network bandwidth and server resources. This is an advance announcement that ITS plans to retire the campus network news service on June 1, 2007.

Several alternatives exist for access to USENET services:

  • Home access: Local Internet Service Providers (including dialup, cable modem and DSL providers) typically offer USENET services.
  • Free global access: Services such as "Google Groups" ( provide free access to the text-based newsgroups.
  • Pay-for access: Giganews ( and Supernews ( offer access to all newsgroups, including the "binaries" newsgroups, for a monthly fee.

ITS welcomes your feedback on this plan. Please contact the ITS Client Services Center at 212-998-3333 with any questions or comments.