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Copyright & File Sharing Policies

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) applications such as KaZaA, limewire and Gnutella, which allow you to connect your computer directly to other users' computers to transfer files back and forth, can get you into serious trouble if they are used to share copyrighted material. If you are using any P2P software, you should ensure that your computer is configured to NOT make copyrighted files available for download by others. If you have questions about this, consult the ITS P2P web page:

Sharing such material can be a violation of federal copyright laws and has drawn the attention of entertainment industry groups. These groups contact ITS with notifications or subpoenas regarding copyright infringements they detect on the NYU network. ITS notifies the person who controls the computer that is identified in the complaint. That individual is then responsible for bringing their computer into compliance, and could face legal action by the copyright owners.

REMINDER to all NYU community members: It is a basic policy for computer use at NYU to respect the rights of copyright owners; see the Policy on the Responsible Use of NYU Computers and Data.

REMINDER to all NYU students living in NYU residence halls: Running a server, other than a web server, is a violation of ResNet policy. This includes using P2P software to share out files. See the ResNet website for policies and information.