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Phishing Scam Alert

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ITS has received reports about a new type of email phishing scam that attempts to convince the recipient to download a Diagnostics test tool to "repair Windows registry" problems. What makes this a phishing scam is that it does not originate from an NYU email address, the links do not redirect the user to any NYU page, and it refers to a previous "notification" that was supposedly sent one-week previously.

Do not click on any link within the body of the message. This may compromise your computer and put your information at risk. If you do receive this message, please forward it directly to A portion of the phishing message is reprinted below:

File Error Notification Follow-up:

We contacted you last week, and we noticed that you hadn't run the diagnostics test to check for any potentially harmful file errors located in your registry.

Press below to launch the Diagnostics Test download:

Press HERE to begin: [ link to malicious website goes here ]

Please read carefully to learn how to locate these potentially harmful file errors locate on your PC, and how to fix them.