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Welcome to the ITS News Blog

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Welcome to the ITS News blog, your source for the latest information about computing and networking at NYU. As you'll note, there are three categories in this blog: ITS News, which contains all of our general service and facility announcements; Computer Security, which offers important information to help you keep your computer and data more secure; and Connect-Direct, our monthly newsletter which offers timely news to the entire NYU community. Please note that we also maintain a separate ITS Computer Security Alerts blog, expressly for urgent computer security news relating to virus and malware threats:

One of the most useful features of a blog, aside from the ability to search an archive of older items, is the ability to subscribe to a "feed" that automatically delivers news items to your aggregator software as they are published (see for instructions). The news items posted here also appear automatically on the main page of the ITS site and in the Ask ITS area of NYUHome.