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About NYU-Purchased Mobile Devices »

Can I get a mobile device from NYU for business use?

Procurement of mobile devices is determined by the head of your NYU division.

How do I request a new mobile device?

To request a new mobile device, please download and fill out one of the carrier-specific forms:

Once you have filled it out, received departmental approval, and have all the necessary signatures, please scan and email the form to

What mobile device models are offered through ITS?

ITS recommends BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android. At this time ITS' on-site support service only provides support for BlackBerry and iPhone.

For additional information, see Setting Up Your Mobile Device.

How soon will I receive my mobile device?

Orders take five to seven business days to arrive. ITS will contact you when the phone is ready.

Will ITS Mobile set up my mobile device for me?

Activation and testing for both data and voice services is performed prior to your receiving the phone.

ITS Mobile does not provide on-site support for setting up applications or services on your mobile device. For assistance with setting up your BlackBerry or iPhone, see Setting Up Your Mobile Device.

Your NYU-Purchased Mobile Device »

Once I've received my mobile device, how will my bill be handled?

ITS Communications and Computing Services pays the bill via a direct debit from your department's chartfield. You will be sent the original bill for your records. (Please note: ITS does not keep copies of any bills.)

What happens if I lose my bill?

There is a $5 charge to request a new copy of your bill, which takes up to six weeks for the service provider to process.

How do I dispute charges on my phone bill?

Highlight the items on the items that you are disputing, and either scan the bill and email it to, or send it via interoffice mail to:

ITS Mobile Services ATT: Katherine Miranda
10 Astor Place, Room 426

What are the terms of my contract?

Contracts with individual service providers will vary based on your selections when requesting a new device.

All contracts are for a period of two years. There is a provider termination fee if you wish to cancel your service the contract before it is up.

Can I wirelessly sync my device with my NYU Email and Calendar?

Yes. See the Setting Up Your Mobile Device tab for instructions for your device.

What happens if I leave NYU?

You may take ownership of your cellular number from NYU. To assume personal liability, send an email to requesting ownership of the account. ITS will assist you with transferring the liability.

What happens if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

Report lost or stolen NYU-owned mobile devices to as soon as possible.

Adding Services to Your NYU-Purchased Mobile Device »

Does my mobile device carry a warranty?

All mobile devices include a one-year warranty, which covers defective hardware. This warranty does not cover accidental damage.

If your phone is under warranty, and your IT staff have determined that the cause is a hardware malfunction, please contact to request replacement.

Can my phone be insured?

Insurance may be purchased when you initially request your mobile device, at an additional minimal monthly cost. If your phone is covered by insurance, you may be eligible to receive a replacement device due to damage, theft, or loss. There is a deductible fee when requesting a replacement device via an insurance provider. Fees vary; please contact the insurance provider to determine this fee.

To request a replacement via insurance, you will have to contact the insurance provider for your provider listed below. You will need to have a credit card available for the deductible.

What happens if I lose my mobile device and do not have insurance?

Replacements for lost devices not covered under insurance will need to be purchased at full retail price if you are still under contract. To replace it, please download and fill out a device-specific service request form:

See Can My Phone Be Insured, above, if your device is insured.

How do I upgrade my current NYU-purchased mobile device?

To upgrade your current NYU-purchased mobile device, please download and fill out a device-specific service request form:

I'm traveling overseas. Will I have voice coverage?

International roaming services are not provided by default and are available as an additional monthly charge.  Calls placed within the United States to sites abroad or from sites overseas will incur additional charges.

Overseas coverage can be requested either during your initial device request, or at a later time, by downloading and filling out a device-specific service request form:

Please see the following coverage maps for individual providers here:

I'm traveling overseas. Will I have data coverage?

For Blackberry, there is an additional monthly cost for unlimited international data services.

For iPhones, there is an additional monthly cost for tiered international data services.

Please note: Text messaging services are not included as part of your data plan. To request changes to your data services, please contact

Can I add text messaging to my plan?

Text messaging can be added to your plan during the initial procurement, or later on. For options, pricing, and more information, fill out a device-specific request form and email it to

Troubleshooting »

The ServiceLink knowledge base is an excellent resource for mobile device troubleshooting. There are a number of helpful how-to's for both BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices.

Additionally, the BlackBerry and iPhone websites offer downloadable user manuals as well as online forums:

If you have an NYU-purchased mobile device and are still unable to find the solution to your problem, please contact

General Questions »

Where can I find the forms to request a new NYU-purchased mobile device or add services to my current mobile device?

Please download one of these carrier-specific forms:

Once you have filled it out, received departmental approval, and have all the necessary signatures, please scan and email the form to

As an NYU employee who isn't eligible for an NYU-purchased mobile device, am I eligible for any discounts on my current plan?

NYU employees are offered discounts to their bills from these carriers: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint/Nextel. Please contact your carrier directly.

Page last reviewed: May 12, 2011