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NYU Lists

Note: Now that NYU has moved to Google Apps for Education, ITS strongly recommends using NYU Groups instead of Lyris Lists. A few advantages of Groups include:

  • Client managed—you can create, edit, and delete your groups.
  • Client controlled—you have full control over the Group settings.
  • Integration—NYU Groups are fully integrated with the other Google Apps. You can share a doc with a group instead of entering each person separately, and e-mail a group instead of each person, and so on.

For more information, visit the NYU Groups page.

Email is a powerful tool for communicating with people, and NYU Lists extend this power to groups of people.

NYU Lists, also called Lyris lists, are discussion and announcement lists which can be used by NYU faculty, staff, or students to exchange ideas about specialized topics, post deadlines or homework assignments, or confirm meeting changes. Only those individuals who are subscribed to a list will receive the mail, and a person may subscribe to or unsubscribe from a list at any time. List mail may be received in an email account or accessed through NYUHome's Lists channel, or the list's message reading interface.

Lists have a variety of possible options; for example, a list may be an announcement-only list, a private list (where subscription requests are approved before individuals are allowed to join the list), and may or may not be moderated.

  • To access the message reading interface for a list to which you belong, visit the NYU Lists website.
  • To view a list of existing NYU Lists to which you may be able to subscribe, log into NYUHome and click on "Browse and Subscribe to an NYU List" in the Lists Channel.
  • See the Lists website for information on how to apply for the creation of a new NYU List.
  • Support for NYU Lists may be found in ServiceLink.
  • Questions about NYU Lists should be directed to the IT Service Desk.

Page last reviewed: July 31, 2014