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NYU Groups

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NYU provides this service, part of NYU Google Apps for Education, to create and maintain groups of NYU community members. These groups can be used as mailing lists, shared inbox, or as a group email alias. NYU Groups can also be used to share or grant privileges from NYU Calendar, NYU Drive, and NYU Sites. The service can be accessed via NYUHome or directly at

Helpful Links

NYU Groups: Getting started with Groups
NYU Groups: Changing Group permissions
NYU Groups: Adding or inviting members to a Group
NYU Groups: Setting up a class Group
NYU Groups: Configuring a departmental or organizational Group
NYU Groups: Using Groups for student organizations
NYU Groups: Using a Group as a shared inbox
NYU Groups: Using a Group as a mailing list
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Additional Support

For additional articles in support of using NYU Groups, please explore the NYU ServiceLink knowledge base. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk via email at or, in New York, by calling 212-998-3333. For global locations, check the IT Service Desk page for local service desk information.

Page last reviewed: March 5, 2015