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NYU Google Apps for Education

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NYU Google Apps is a set of online communication and collaboration applications offered to eligible members of the NYU community to facilitate teaching and learning, research, and administrative functions of the University. NYU Google Apps can be divided into two groups:

The Core Apps are covered by a special agreement between NYU and Google, so NYU community members will not see advertisements and the information present in the Core Apps is private. The Core Apps are sufficiently secure to be used for private documents, such as tenure committee discussions, personal papers, class notes, and scholarly materials. It is especially easy to use NYU Google Apps to share documents and files with others; therefore, special care should be taken to ensure that you do not share documents more broadly than you intend.

Restricted and research data have specific security requirements for storage systems and should not be stored or transmitted through NYU Google Apps. See NYU's Data Classification Policy for details. ITS has published the Guidance for Privacy and Security in NYU Google Apps for Education to help NYU community members better manage sensitive data in NYU Google Apps.

Those who choose to use the Commercial Apps offered by Google should be aware that the information stored in a Commercial App may be subject to data mining and that they may see advertisements. See Google Apps: About Commercial Apps for important information about the difference between Core and Commercial Google Apps.

See the individual core apps links in the first paragraph, above, or the left navigation menu for additional information about each Core App.


Admitted and enrolled degree students, current and retired employees, alumni, and sponsored affiliates are eligible for these services.

Additional Support

Should you have any questions or concerns, please search the knowledge base within NYU ServiceLink, contact the IT Service Desk via email at or, in New York, by calling 212-998-3333. For global locations, check the IT Service Desk page for local service desk information.