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A variety of technical requests — registration for a new computer on NYU-NET, NetIDs for faculty and staff hired in Singapore, or technical assistance — can be submitted online. See the Technical Request Forms for more information.

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Tisch School of the Arts Asia:
Common Support Questions

What is a NetID? How do I activate my NetID?

All NYU faculty and staff members, as well as students enrolled in degree or diploma programs, are provided with a NetID (Network IDentification). Your NetID is a combination of your initials and a few random numbers, e.g., aqe123, and is usually printed on the back of your NYUCard. It is different from your University ID, which is also printed on your NYUCard, but is a longer string of numbers preceded by the letter "N". Once activated (see below), your NetID is your key to many NYU online resources including, for eligible community members, NYUHome. Your NetID is also used to create your default NYU e-mail address (e.g.,

You can activate your NetID at any time, from any Internet-connected computer, using the ITS Start page ( If you know your NetID, enter it in the appropriate field and click Start!; if not, follow the instructions at the top of the page. Then, complete the steps for setting up a password and activating your NYUHome service.

What is NYUHome? How do I access it?

NYUHome ( is an online service that provides information and facilitates collaboration, interaction, and communication for all NYU students, faculty, and staff. It is a portal to many web-based services and tools. All NYU community members with access to NYUHome use their NYU NetID and password to log in. For more information and activation instructions, see the NYUHome Help pages.

I forgot my NYUHome and e-mail password and password hint. How can I reset them?

If you forget your password, visit the ITS Start page (, enter your NetID, and click the Start button. On the next screen, click the Continue button, which will walk you through the steps of validating your identity and answering your password reminder.

If you are unable to remember the answer to the password hint presented to you, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk at +1 212-998-3400, through the Tisch Asia Technology Support Request form, or via e-mail to You will be walked through a brief series of security questions to verify your identity, and then your forgotten password will be cleared so that you can set a new one at

I can't see one or more of my courses in Blackboard. What can I do?

Blackboard classes are listed in the Academics tab of NYUHome; students and faculty see a list of courses there, and clicking on the course name/number takes you to the appropriate Blackboard site.

If you see your course in the list, but it isn't clickable, then the course shell has been created but not made available to students. The professor will make the course shell available for students to start accessing the course once the course shell is ready; contact your professor by e-mail to inquire about the availability of a particular Blackboard course.

If you do not see a course at all, click the Update Blackboard Class Information link (located under your list of courses). The list updates on its own every four hours, but clicking the link refreshes it immediately.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, contact the IT Service Desk at +1 212-998-3400, through the Tisch Asia Technology Support Request form, or via e-mail to ITS can verify whether or not a Blackboard course exists, what its status is, and whether or not you have access to it.

Also, note that extensive FAQ resources are available on the ITS website. Instructions for many Blackboard tasks are included there. The most extensive information is at and

I accidentally deleted an e-mail message or messages I need. Can ITS restore deleted e-mail for me?

First, check your e-mail Trash folder to make sure the message(s) you want to recover are not still contained in it. Unfortunately, once e-mail has been permanently deleted from your Trash folder, it cannot be restored.

With NYU E-mail powered by Google, however, instead of deleting e-mail messages, you can archive them. If you archive a message, it's moved to All Mail (your archive), where you can easily find it in the future, using Google's powerful search feature. Read more about the benefits of archiving rather than deleting your e-mail at the NYU Google Migration site.

Can I create a personal a personal NYU website?

Yes. NYU community members can either create their own NYU Blog, or create a personal public website using Files 2.0.

Can I set up a personalized address for my NYU e-mail?

An NYU personal e-mail address is an alternate, usually easy-to-remember address which people can use to send you e-mail messages. For example, if your NetID is aqe123, your official, permanent NYU e-mail address is Your personal address is also initially set to until you edit it, for example to Your personal address points incoming messages to your NYU e-mail address, so all your mail is delivered to the same inbox. You can also list this personal e-mail address in the NYU Public Directory instead of your default address.

ITS recommends that full-time faculty, staff, and administrators set their personal address to a "business card" alias in the format:

For instructions on setting up your personal e-mail address, please see the instructions at

I am trying to access NYU Libraries' e-resources. What is EZ Proxy? Do I need to configure anything in my web browser?

The practice of configuring web browsers to use the NYU-NET proxy server has been mostly phased out in favor of the easier, web-based EZ-Proxy. When connecting to these resources from off-campus using or NYUHome, you do not need to configure your web browser for the NYU-NET Proxy. However, configuring a web browser with the proxy is still required if you are accessing library e-resources through BobCat.

Proxy configuration instructions are available at

I am having trouble sending e-mail through a program such as Thunderbird or Outlook. What steps can I take to troubleshoot?

Have you set your Google Apps for Education password? This password is different from your NYUHome password, and is required for checking e-mail using a mobile device or desktop e-mail program. Once you have set it, you can follow the instructions for your desktop e-mail program at the NYU Google Migration E-mail Program Configuration page.

If you are otherwise properly configured, these errors can also be caused by a message stuck in the e-mail program's queue. This is especially prone to happen in Outlook. Outgoing messages, by default, go into an Outbox folder before they are sent, and one undeliverable message can block all the others from being sent. Delete messages that are stuck in the queue, close/reopen the e-mail program, and try again.

If you continue to have problems, contact the IT Service Desk at +1 212-998-3400, through the Tisch Asia Technology Support Request form, or via e-mail to Alternately, many have found that using the web interface for their NYU E-mail account is even more versatile than their desktop e-mail program. You can log in to the web interface via NYUHome or directly at

Where can I get answers to other computer and technology-related questions?

NYU and ITS offer a variety of places you can go for assistance with any issues you may run into while using University IT resources:

  • Local IT Support Specialists are the best first point of contact for any technology-related issues that you may experience while abroad. To get in touch with them, contact a staff member on site.
  • The ITS Website ( contains hundred of pages of information and FAQs that will help you configure and maintain your connection to NYU technology resources, including e-mail, NYUHome, your personal webpage, Library resources, and other valuable services.
  • Ask ITS ( is your online IT Service Desk, providing you with a convenient place to search for service listings and self-help references. You can also send a request or question through the Tisch Asia Technology Support Request form. You can also access the request form, as well as software downloads, news, security alerts, and more through the Ask ITS area of NYUHome.
  • The IT Service Desk in New York is on hand to assist you with any questions you may have. Contact the IT Service Desk via e-mail ( or by phone (+1 212-998-3400).

    Page last reviewed: July 15, 2011