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ITS Request & Account Forms

To apply for access to an ITS service or facility, or to request assistance, select the appropriate form from the list below and follow the instructions that are provided.

NYURoam Wireless Workshops

NYURoam Wireless workshops provide hands-on help to people who encounter a problem when attempting to connect their laptop computer to the NYURoam wireless network. To register, complete the Wireless Workshop registration form.


You do not need to apply for an ITS account to access NYUHome, which includes email, Albert, NYU Classes, web forums, classes, research tools, and more. For information about NYUHome and instructions on how to activate your NYUHome service, visit the NYUHome page of this website.

Wired Laptop Access

Wired Laptop Access via plug-in ports, providing connections to NYU-NET for your laptop computer, are located in specially designated areas throughout Bobst Library. All students who have already registered for ResNet are automatically registered for this service; other community members may register their laptops using the NYU-NET Registration System. For more information about this service, visit the Wired Laptop Access page.

ITS Computer Classrooms

ITS Student Technology Services offers hands-on computer classrooms on both the Macintosh and Windows platform. Hands-on classrooms can be reserved for regular or occasional class meetings that require in-class computer use by students. For more information, visit the Wired Classrooms page of this site, or click here to go directly to the online Computer Classroom Reservation Form.

ITS Computer Classrooms Assistance Request

If you would like to report a technical issue in an ITS computer classroom (see above) or an ITS-affiliated computer lab, complete our Computer Classroom Assistance Request Form.

Individual Computer Accounts

Click here to download the form to your desktop: Individual Computer Account (12K). Click on your affiliation to learn more about these accounts: faculty  |  staff  |  student

Coursework Computer Accounts

Please use your NetID and password to access the online Coursework Computer Account Request Form. Note: You must be an NYU faculty or staff member to access this form. Click here to learn more about Coursework accounts.

Coursework Computer Account Extension

Click here to download the form to your desktop: Coursework Computer Account Extension (76K). Click here to learn more about Coursework accounts.

Request for ITS Communications Services Form

Authorized individuals may use this form to request ITS services, including telephone, data jack, NetID, directory, and email services.
Click here to download the form to your desktop and print it: Request for ITS Communications Services Form (493K).

Please note that you will not be able to save this form once you have filled it in unless you own the full version of Acrobat 4.0 or higher. If you have questions about this form, please contact the IT Service Desk at 1-212-998-3333.

NOTE: Personal or "business card" email aliases should now be set through the NYUHome Preferences. To request a departmental or school email alias, send a request to

Conference Call Request Form

Conference calls involving six or fewer participants (for some older telephone models, the limit is three or fewer) and not requiring an external operator or coordinator can be made from most NYU office telephones. See for more information.

Conference calls requiring additional features -- such as more than six and up to 125 participants, operator-assisted login, call recording, participant reports, and more -- are now set up by Connex. For automated conference calls (those not requiring operator assistance), fill out the Automated Conference Call Request Form. For conference calls requiring operator assistance, please call 1-800-616-0940 to speak with a member of the Connex Meeting Management Team. For more information on Connex conference call services, click here.

Videoconferencing Request Form

Click here to access the online NYU Videoconferencing Request Form.

Page last reviewed: October 21, 2013