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Terms of Use: Webspace

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Version Number: 1
Version Status: Final
Effective Date: December 1, 2010
Next Review Date: December 1, 2011

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Issuing Authority: Vice President for Information Technology and CITO for NYU-NY
Responsible Officer: Associate Vice President for .edu Services

Statement/Description of the Terms of Use

Webspace ( is a file storage service provided by NYU Information Technology Services (ITS) to support administrative, scholarly, curricular, and collaborative activities of eligible members of the University community who are working with Restricted or Protected data (See and

Any full-time or part-time faculty, administrator, or staff member may apply for a Webspace account at Webspace is accessible via the Web, WebDav, and Xythos Drive, and permits account holders to share designated files and folders with specified individuals or groups.

As a user of NYU's computing services, account holders must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations; all NYU rules and policies, including the Policy on Responsible Use of NYU Computers & Data, and the Responsibilities of All NYU Computer, Data, and Network Users, found at; all applicable contracts and licenses; and these Terms of Use which describe rules and settings specific to Webspace. NYU reserves the right at its sole discretion to change, at any time, the provisions of the service and these Terms of Use.

NYU has designated Webspace as an online repository for Restricted or Protected data. Account holders should take care to safeguard the privacy and security of all data that may reside in their Webspace directory. (See


Any full-time or part-time faculty, administrator or staff member may submit a request to be a Webspace account holder at or may sponsor an NYU student or part-time NYU employee for access to an existing Webspace directory. Users will be granted account access by the IT Service Desk.

Departments interested in creating a departmental directory in Webspace may submit a request at Any full-time or part-time faculty, administrator or staff member of the department may request a departmental directory. However requests for administrative access to existing departmental directories must be granted by the administrator already on the account. If this account administrator has separated from NYU or has transferred from the department or it is unclear who administers the directory, a request should be submitted to the IT Service Desk at for investigation.

Webspace account holders may access departmental and non-departmental directories that other account holders have shared with them using permissions. Those who are Webspace account holders may continue to use Webspace as long as they retain active NYUHome accounts. NYUHome termination rules apply. (For more information, see and

Webspace account holders who become ineligible to use the service will be given two weeks' notice via email that their NetIDs are expiring so that they may back up and retain their files. After this time, the files associated with their account will be inaccessible on Webspace. It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that files of separated employees are maintained after the employee's departure. Individuals who administer a directory, who are transferring within NYU or separating from the University, should grant another Webspace account holder Administrative access to the folder before transitioning.

Permission to access a departmental directory should be revoked for separated or transferred employees. The department which issued the permissions is responsible for removal of those permissions for separated or transferred employees and should remove the permissions using the instructions found in the Ask ITS knowledgebase:

The Webspace Service Team is not accountable for files of separated or transferred employees. A best-effort attempt will be made to recover or find lost files from the separated employee. Requests should be submitted to the IT Service Desk at


NYU does not pre-screen, monitor, or review content posted in Webspace. However, NYU reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove, at any time, any content that it considers in violation of these Terms of Use or the terms of any other campus user agreements that may govern use of the campus networks, or that it deems in violation of University policy or federal, state, and local law. Should the University receive a report that a directory contains inappropriate content or that such content has been shared via Webspace, NYU will investigate and contact the directory's associated account holder to discuss the issue. In exceptional cases, ITS will immediately remove the content, prior to contacting the associated account holder. Unacceptable content of this sort also may cause NYU to suspend a Webspace account holder's access to the service and may result in disciplinary proceedings against the associated account holder(s). Reports regarding inappropriate Webspace content may be sent to

Support and Service Availability

Unless otherwise posted, client support for Webspace is available through the IT Service Desk from 9AM-5PM ET Monday-Friday. Access to Webspace may be unavailable during regular maintenance windows as outlined in the Scheduled Maintenance Guidelines:


Webspace enforces size quotas on all account directories. The default quota is two GB. Quotas can be altered in response to individual or departmental needs. Requests should be made via the online request form at

Individual account holders also can set quotas on folders that they create and share with others in order to limit the amount of space that folder takes up as a portion of their overall allowed quota.


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Send questions or comments to the IT Service Desk at

Effective Date: December 1, 2010