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File Storage and Sharing: Faculty Digital Archive

What Is the FDA?

The Faculty Digital Archive (FDA) is a place where full-time NYU faculty, departments, centers, and institutes can deposit their work in digital form. Contents in the FDA can be shared with anyone via the Internet, or made available only in the NYU community, and even restricted to select people. The FDA is intended to be a highly visible repository of NYU digital scholarship. It is organized into communities, which contain collections. Collections may contain faculty or departmental content, and will be owned and managed by faculty or a sponsored user, who will have the responsibility for adding, making available, and removing content.

The Digital Studio is available to assist and train individuals and departments in creating and maintaining collections. To request an appointment, click here.

When to Use the Faculty Digital Archive

Faculty and interested departments can use the Faculty Digital Archive to store and share important content with a guarantee that it will never be erased. The FDA's technology can make the content highly visible via web searches, and provides a stable online location, making citations to the works as reliable as a scholarly journal, while as accessible as a website. The FDA can accept most digital formats, and we encourage researchers to deposit not only finished works but also related materials (including data, images, audio and video files, etc.) to give context to that work and promote further scholarship. The FDA is first and foremost a tool for sharing your work and keeping it securely stored.

The Faculty Digital Archive offers the following key features:

  • Metadata: The FDA supports detailed, rich metadata to better describe the works and make them easier for readers to find.
  • Persistent links: Links to content in the FDA are persistent and do not change over time.
  • Flexibility with collection viewership: FDA collections have three viewership settings. They can be designated Private, NYU-Only, or Public.
  • Easily indexed by search engines: If your collection is set to Public, it will be indexed by top search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Unlimited Storage: There is no quota for collection size.

Support and Training

For more information about the FDA, including eligibility, training options, and instructions on the use of a variety of features, please see the ServiceLink knowledge base. If you have a specific question not found in our online help, please feel free to send e-mail to

Page last reviewed: November 12, 2014