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FAQs About Coursework Computer Accounts

I want my students to have Internet accounts at the beginning of the semester. They will use these accounts for email and Internet access only. Do I need to apply for a Coursework Account?
No. All NYU degree students, faculty, and staff qualify for NYUHome, email, and Internet access, amongst other services. Students do not need to apply for an account; they simply need to activate their NetID at from nearly any Internet-connected computer (including those at the ITS computer labs). The activated service will be ready for use within minutes of activation, and will remain active until the student leaves the University (or longer).

Can I apply for the students as a group?
No. Each student must activate his or her own service online at

How do I, as the instructor, and my teaching assistant receive coursework computer accounts?
You and your teaching assistant (you will need to name your assistant on the Coursework Computer Account form) will receive accounts along with the students. Please provide your assistant's NYU NetID and email address.

How long will a coursework computer account remain active?
A coursework computer account is active for the semester only. If a student receives an incomplete, they may request an extension for their account services with your approval. Inform the student that they may visit the IT Service Desk (10 Astor Place, 4th Floor, 212-998-3333) to pick up an application form or they may download an application to their desktop, view it on-screen, and print it, using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The students I teach are non-degree students but I would like them to have access to the Internet and to email for work they will do in my class. Is this possible?
You will need to complete our Request for Coursework Computer Account form. We will then create accounts for each student for their use during the semester. These accounts terminate at the end of each semester. Non-degree students are not eligible for NYUHome Accounts. These accounts are for full-time students in degree programs.

May I bring my entire class to the lab for hands-on training?
ITS may accommodate your class for hands-on computer training for one or several sessions, depending on your needs. You can conduct the training for your class, or we can provide a person to conduct the training. To reserve multimedia-equipped classroom hours for hands-on training, please visit the Hands-on Comuputer Classrooms web page.

I am generally confused as to which accounts provide which services. I would like to know which accounts are appropriate for my class.
See the overview of class accounts above, which provides information about eligibility and type of services.

I would like a mailing list set up for my class. What steps do I need to take to ensure that we have this service for our class?
You can exchange information with your students using NYU Classes, NYU Groups, or NYU Lists.

The class I teach is cross-listed between schools. Can I fill out one form for both classes?
No. Although this sounds like a reasonable way to handle your application, ITS does not receive cross-referenced information from the registrar. In order to ensure that both classes are covered adequately with the kinds of services you need, please fill out a separate form for each section.

Page last reviewed: October 1, 2013