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NYU Classes: Training

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Online Resources


This online session is ideal for any faculty member or support staff who would like to develop a more in-depth familiarity with creating and managing courses in NYU Classes. To register, please visit the webinar sign-up page.

Online Training Modules

Self-paced, online training modules for faculty, students and staff are now available. For more information, please visit the NYU Classes Training and Support site.

In-person Resources

Training workshops

In-person training workshops are available for those who want more hands-on training. Sessions for getting started with NYU Classes, as well as advanced training sessions, are available. Click here to sign up.

To learn about additional training opportunities at NYU's global sites, please contact nyu-classes-global-group@nyu.edu.

Individual and small group consultations

Looking for individualized help for yourself or a small group of your colleagues? One-on-one and small group consultations can be scheduled with the NYU Classes support team. Click here to schedule a time.

Other ITS Training

To view other ITS training offerings, visit the ITS Training Page (www.nyu.edu/its/training).

Training Contact

If you are having problems or have questions as you try to register, or if you are a new or returning faculty member and do not have access to iLearn, please send email to nyu-classes-training-group@nyu.edu for assistance.

Page last reviewed: January 21, 2014