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Advanced Media Studio Prices

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Advanced Media Studio

35 West 4th Street
Second Floor

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New LaGuardia Studio Coming Soon!

The Advanced Media Studio will become the new LaGuardia Studio late this summer, in a brand new location with enhanced services. Click here for a sneak peak of the LaGuardia Place project in progress, and stay tuned for more information, coming soon!

AMS Price List

The Advanced Media Studio offers specialized services for those within or affiliated with the New York University community. Please refer to the individual AMS Service Guides for file preparation and procedure instructions as they relate to each service.

Wide Format Archival Print Service Pricing >>
Rapid Prototyping Service Pricing >>
3D Scanning Service Pricing >>
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Wide-Format Archival Print Service Pricing

Print charges are based on paper tier and square footage measurement in length dimension. Paper roll width dimension is 44 inches with a maximum printable width of 42 inches. The job cost per print includes five proofs and the final print, consisting of the image plus 1 inch border. Additional proofs can be ordered at a cost of $5.00 per proof. Price quotes are issued at the time of job submission. Price examples are provided.

Tier 1 Papers: Epson Premium Semi Matte Photo 260 gsm, Epson Ultra Premium Photo Luster 260 gsm, Epson Ultra Premium Presentation 192 gsm, Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl 290 gsm

Tier 2 Papers:Epson Somerset Velvet 255 gsm, Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art 250 gsm

Tier 3 Papers: Crane Museo Max 250 gsm, Epson Premium Canvas Matte 375 gsm, Epson Premium Canvas Satin 350 gsm, Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta 325 gsm, Hahnemuhle FineArt Pearl 285 gsm, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 gsm, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Satin 310 gsm, Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk 310 gsm, Innova FibaPrint Warm Cotton Gloss 335 gsm, Tyvek Ultra 130 gsm







Tier 1






Tier 2






Tier 3






Rapid Prototyping Service Pricing

Appointments are required for Rapid Prototyping Service job submissions and price quotes are issued at the time of appointment. The price examples provided for the ZPrint 650, Connex500 and ProJet 7000 are for solid models.

Z Corporation ZPrint 650: 3D printing charges for the ZPrint 650 are based on a base cost of $20.00 per job plus $1.50 per cubic inch volume, plus $0.25 per milliliter binder usage.

1" Cube (1x1x1)


2" Cube (2x2x2)


3" Cube (3x3x3)


4" Cube (4x4x4)


Objet Connex500: 3D printing charges for the Connex500 are determined by the gram weight of model resin used, plus the support material required to complete the build. The price examples provided are an average cost per family of model resin type. Job costs will vary due to the specific model resin type used, build conditions, model geometry, volume of support material needed for bed run, and amount of Digital Materials printed (composite or percentage mix of model resin types).

Model Resin Type

720 General Purpose

Vero Family

Tango Family


1" Cube (1x1x1)





2" Cube (2x2x2)





3" Cube (3x3x3)





4" Cube (4x4x4)





3D Systems Projet 7000 HD SLA: 3D printing charges for the ProJet 7000 are determined by milliliter usage of VisJet SL Flex material used to complete the build and volume of support material needed for bed run. Job cost will vary due to build conditions, model geometry, and scale.

1" Cube (1x1x1)


2" Cube (2x2x2)


3" Cube (3x3x3)


4" Cube (4x4x4)


3D Scanning Service Pricing

3D scanning charges are calculated by first determining the cubic measurement of the object to be scanned, and then the Scan Class. The Scan Class Base Cost Charge is then added to the Class Rate Charge calculation result (Class Rate Charge multiplied by the cubic area measurement), and the Resolution Charge calculation result (Resolution Charge multiplied by the cubic area measurement). Appointments are required for the 3D Scanning Service job submissions and price quotes are issued at the time of appointment.

Scan Class

Base Cost Charge

Class Rate Charge

Resolution Charge

Class 1




Class 2




Class 3




Class 1: Matte object with minimal thin features (below 1/4").
Class 2: Shine or thin features on object with moderate complexity or detail.
Class 3: Both shine and thin features and extensive complexity and detail.

Project Development Consultation Service Pricing

Project Development Consultation Service charge includes a free consultation appointment to define project scope, needs and training requirements, 3 hours of free consultation, and a $75.00 per hour charge after completion of 3 hours.  There is a one-hour minimum $75.00 charge required for all Project Development Consultation Service appointment bookings.

Self-Service Stratasys Mojo Pricing

The AMS offers the Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer as part of our fleet of Self-Service reservation workstations. The Mojo is charged at a flat rate fee of $8.00 per client print build, which includes build tray and 3D print up to 5"x 5"x 5". Reservations are required for use and print result is dependent on geometry integrity.

Payment Terms

The Advanced Media Studio accepts credit cards, New York University chartfield account numbers, personal checks, and departmental grant checks where applicable. The Advanced Media Studio reserves the right to hold or terminate any service job due to problems with payment. The AMS will not release completed service job orders to any client under any condition until the job order is paid in full. Please make personal checks payable to New York University.

Price quotes are normally issued at the time of job order submission but quotes can be given ahead for planning purposes. It is understood that AMS grant checks are issued with a Net 30-day term limit, meaning any check must be used for payment within 30 days of the issue date. The AMS reserves the right to adjust prices as necessary.

Turnaround Policy

Turnaround policies for the AMS Wide-Format Archival Print Service and Laser Service are one week and under for the processing of all service jobs; this turnaround begins with approval of the mandatory color proof tests or laser settings tests. Turnaround policies for the AMS Rapid Prototyping Service and 3D Scanning Service are 10 business days and under for the completion of job orders. All AMS service jobs are expedited in the order of submission. Larger volume and more complicated projects may require more time, so please consult with the AMS staff prior to job submission in the case of time-sensitive projects.

Page last reviewed: June 5, 2015