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Advanced Media Studio

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Advanced Media Studio

35 West 4th Street
Second Floor

Contact Information

AMS General

Archival Print Service

Laser, RP & 3D Scanning

AMS Summer 2014 Hours

The Advanced Media Studio will operate on a modifed summer schedule beginning May 22, 2014. The hours are: Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm.

General Information

The Advanced Media Studio (AMS) is a state-of-the-art facility and technology resource for the NYU community. The AMS provides professional services in museum-grade wide-format archival digital printmaking, laser cutting and etching, rapid prototyping/3D printing, 3D scanning and project development consultation. The AMS features a suite of self-service workstations offering special discipline hardware and software, supporting content building for the AMS professional services.

Access to the Advanced Media Studio is granted to the entire NYU community. To request a consultation, or to schedule a visit, please see the contact information to the right. All AMS Services are offered at an internal charge rate for those within or affiliated with the NYU community. Please refer to the AMS Price List for price examples and payment terms.

AMS Announcements

Rapid Prototyping Service Spring Sale!

25% off all Stratasys Connex500 job orders using Vero Clear.

This sale runs through May 30, 2014!

Introducing the new 3D Systems ProJet 7000 HD SLA 3D Printer

The AMS Rapid Prototyping Service has added the new ProJet 7000 HD SLA printer to our 3D print technology suite.  The ProJet 7000 is a premiere stereolithography process printer (SLA), and offers high-resolution and extremely accurate ABS-like plastic prints, at a lower price point.

The AMS Laser Service has upgraded to the Universal ILS12.75 Laser System

The Universal ILS12.75 combines a manufacturing grade laser system and 75-watt laser for faster and more precise laser cuts, and improved detail and high-resolution engraving, on a 24” x 48” laser table.

The AMS 3D Scanning Service has added the NextEngine 3D Scanner

The NextEngine 3D Scanner is a full color multi-laser 3D scanner that has been added to the AMS 3D Scanning Service as another option for converting physical objects into precise digital model files.

The AMS has added Project Development Consultation as a new professional service

The AMS is now offering the Project Development Consultation Service as a way to assist clients with larger scale project development and technology training requirements, that extend beyond the scope of AMS Doctor’s Hours consultations.

The AMS Self-Service Upgrades

The AMS has upgraded all Self-Service print workstations to Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printers, upgraded the Flextight scanning stations to Hasselblad Flextight X5 scanners, and added the Objet MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D printer to our 3D Self-Service workstations.

AMS Announcement of Special Note

The AMS Film Scanning Service

It is with great regret that we announce the retirement of the AMS Film Scanning Service. Due to industry and vendor support changes, the AMS will no longer offer film scanning as a professional service. We will continue to provide Hasselblad Flextight virtual drum scanners as part of our Self-Service Workstation collection.

Page last reviewed: February 24, 2014