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NYU Web Provider Accounts

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About Web Provider Accounts

NYU Schools, Departments, Programs and Offices are encouraged to create and maintain their own pages on NYU Web. Any affiliated faculty member, staff member or student may become the webmaster for official NYU websites, pending approval by the appropriate party.

Apply for an NYU Webmaster Account

Once you've decided that you do want to create and/or maintain web pages for an NYU School, Department, Program or Office, apply for a webmaster account by downloading a PDF of the Individual Computer Account application form or by picking up a copy of the form at the IT Service Desk, 10 Astor Place, 4th floor.

When filling out the form, be sure to obtain the proper approval signatures from your department, and provide a complete project description, including your specific hardware and software needs. Incomplete forms will be returned. If you are enlisting another NYU person to help you with this project, they will need an application as well. Please note, administrators, staff members and students will need to have their applications sponsored and signed by their department Chair or direct supervisor. Some individuals will need to have their application signed by the Financial Officer of their school.

Fill out all sections of the application form, checking off in Section 2, "This is a new Account", in Section 3, "i4 (web provider)". In Section 4, please write "Attn: NYU Webmaster" and a brief description of what you wish to do (i.e., "I would like to create pages for the English department", or "I am replacing John Smith as webmaster for the Music department"). Provide the URL (web address) of the page on which you wish to work. If you are apply to create a new site, we will contact you to discuss your URL once your account is created.

Once the application is completed and signed, submit it to the IT Service Desk by fax, mail, or email (see the sidebar on the right). Once received, your account should be created within a week, on average, pending appropriate approval.

Faculty Information

Faculty members may use NYU Web ( as a tool for the classes they teach. Web pages may include syllabi, readings, reminders, or just about anything that needs to be seen by the entire class. Faculty may also apply for space on NYU Web to showcase large-scale personal research projects as well as be approved to create and maintain web pages for NYU departments or programs.

Standard URL formats are:
where profname is the last name of the faculty member
where classname is a short name describing the class and projectname is a short name describing the project.

If a faculty member wishes to enlist another NYU person or an outside consultant to assist with their web project, this individual will also need to apply for access to NYU Web. The faculty member must sign their application as authorization of sponsorship.

If the web page is for a department or program, the URL of the site on which they wish to work should be specified on the application form (see above). Requests for access to a particular school's departmental or program web pages will also need to be cleared with and approved by that school's official webmaster.

Page last reviewed: October 3, 2014