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IT Service Desk

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Students enrolled in degree and diploma programs are eligible for the ITS accounts and/or resources listed below. Students interested in the use of certain of these ITS computing resources must apply for specialized accounts and/or access privileges; see below for more information. Visiting scholars, see instead.

Note: All users of NYU's computing and networking resources have responsibilities of which they should be aware.


For access to all of the services available through the NYUHome portal, including email, Albert, Blackboard, web forums, classes, research tools, and more. For information about NYUHome and instructions on how to activate your NYUHome service, visit the NYUHome page of this website.

NYU Classes

NYU Classes is an online course management system which many NYU faculty use to supplement academic classes. For more information about NYU Classes, search the ServiceLink knowledge base or visit the NYU Classes website.

NYURoam Wireless

You do not need to register for an ITS account to begin using the NYURoam wireless network. If you have activated your NYUHome service, all you need to do is configure your laptop computer to use NYURoam. For instructions, visit the NYURoam website.

Research Computing

Students whose research requires the use of visualization systems, scientific software packages, and high performance computing resources should follow the instructions on the High Performance Computing wiki to request access. See the Research Computing page of this website for more information about the resources available.

Wired Laptop Access

To connect your laptop via the plug-in ports at Bobst Library and elsewhere on campus, see the Wired Laptop Access page.

Individual Accounts

To apply for the accounts listed below, download a PDF of the Individual Computer Account application form and submit it to the IT Service Desk (contact information above), or pick up a paper copy at the IT Service Desk. Be sure to obtain the proper approval signatures and provide a complete project description, including your specific hardware and software needs. Incomplete forms will be returned.

Arts Technology

ITS provides support to faculty and student artists at NYU using advanced digital tools, including resources for video, audio, imaging, and interactivity. Note: Most NYU community members who are interested in using the Arts Technology Studio have instant access and do not need to submit an application form. Please see the Advanced Media Studio and Fourth Street Academic Technology Center sites for details.

Shell (UNIX) Accounts

If you are in a class which requires that you have a shell account, your instructor will submit the proper forms.

Data Services

ITS offers computing resources for performing social science research; statistical programming as well as procuring and analysis of data sets, and software for statistical, qualitative and GIS analyses of social science data. To apply for an account, follow the instructions above. See the Data Services area of the NYU Libraries website for more information about the resources available.

Web Provider (i4)

A student may be sponsored by a faculty member, Department Chair or authorized program administrator to act as a web provider for that particular NYU faculty member's, department's, or program's web pages within NYU's official web space ( NYU graduate students may apply for space on NYU's web server to create websites to showcase their thesis projects.

For more information and instructions on how to apply for a Web Provider account, visit the Web Provider Accounts page of this website.

Please note: all degree and diploma students can create a personal web page through NYU Sites, Web Publishing, or NYUHome. For more information, see:

NYU Student Organizations that are registered with the Office of Student Activities (OSA) should contact OSA about how to set up web pages for their group. Send email to

Information for Graduating Students & Alumni

NYU graduates will continue to have access to their NYUHome and web-based NYU E-mail service. For details, see

Page last reviewed: October 3, 2014