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New NetID Assignment

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ITS provides NYU University IDs (UIDs) and NetIDs to new faculty and staff. An NYU UID and NetID are required for activation of NYUHome service. UIDs and NetIDs are normally generated for new employees when they arrive at the NYUCard Center with a properly completed NYU Card Authorization form. An NYUCard is created for the new employee, with his or her UID and NetID imprinted on it.

Procedures for Obtaining NetIDs and UID for New NYU Employees

When a new employee is hired, the authorized HR Rep or, in some cases, the Fiscal Officer should complete an NYU ID Card Authorization form for the new employee, and have him or her bring the Authorization form to the NYUCard Center, where an NYUCard will be issued with the individual's newly assigned NYU UID and NetID imprinted on it. (For more information on this form, visit

In cases in which it is urgent that a NetID or UID be created before the new employee can obtain his or her NYUCard via the normal route, the authorized HR Rep or Fiscal Officer may complete the NetID Request Form.

Important Note

This process is not for visiting scholars, who must be approved by Academic Appointments prior to receiving any NYU-NET services. For more information, please see the Visiting Scholar Accounts page of this site.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Page last reviewed: March 20, 2013