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Coursework Computer Accounts

About Coursework Computer Accounts

Coursework accounts allow instructors to request access to special lab equipment and computing resources for all of the students in a given class. The application process helps ITS ensure that the appropriate software and training sessions are available.

If you have questions, see our frequently asked questions about Coursework Accounts.

How to Apply

If you would like your students to have access to specific ITS computer labs and/or shared system resources, log in to the online Coursework Computer Account Request Form using your NYU NetID and password. The form provides you with the opportunity to describe the hardware and software requirements for your class. Once your form has been processed, ITS Client Services will send you specific access information via email.

Types of Coursework Accounts

The following overview of ITS coursework computer accounts provides brief information about eligibility and type of services provided.

Instructional Services

Description of Service

Lab Access
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For non-degree and non-diploma based courses and special events. Provides access to the ITS computer labs (see for locations.

(requires approval)
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Full UNIX access for programming and class web page composition. Email access created for SCPS Non-Credit Courses ONLY.

(requires approval)
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For social science research. Statistical programming and procuring and analysis of data sets.

Arts Facilities

Description of Service: (all services require approval)

Digital Video & Audio Studio Access
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For imaging and/or multimedia support, introductory video support, or incidental video support as part of multimedia preparation. Provides access to the multimedia facilities at the Fourth Street Academic Technology Center & Digital Video & Audio Studio, 35 West 4th Street.

Scientific Computing

Description of Service: (all services require approval)

Scientific Research Cluster (SCIRES)
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For manuscript preparation, light weight computing, WWW related activities, and scientific applications not requiring substantial computing, communications resources, or storage utilization.

Scientific Visualization Lab (SCIVIS)
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For research activities using applications with substantial interactive two and three dimensional graphics animation and video-graphics demands.

High Performance Computing

Please see the NYU HPC wiki for information about requesting or renewing access to NYU High Performance Computing resources.

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Restricted to members of the Chemistry Department.

Page last reviewed: October 2, 2013