Research & Development Activity

The Center focuses on real world impacts with an emphasis on the development of actionable strategies and policies through active collaboration with key private sector stakeholders and a holistic approach to risk management and resilience. The Center's research activity focuses on achieving objectives in uncertain environments with insights from a diversity of disciplines including the areas of enterprise risk management, strategic planning, change management, finance /venture capital, project management and innovation.

InterCEP's research activities are international in scope, regularly engaging with international corporations and governmental entities across the globe. Special emphasis is placed on the "what" and "why" of enterprise risk management and resilience. Evolving best practices and standards provide insights into "what" can be done. Bottom-line and other impacts of risk management and resilience provide the insights into "why" organizations should invest resources in these practices.

The Center's work acknowledges that risk management not only mitigates the "downside" impacts of crisis but also enables a more agile, informed and coordinated organization to achieve "upside" benefits and opportunities inherent in uncertainty.

Core elements of the Center's research and outreach activity include:

Related work includes metrics/assessment/benchmarking, risk-related information flows, and public-private partnerships.

The Center has undertaken a variety of impact-oriented initiatives to advance resilience; these include:


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