InterCEP is the international research and development center dedicated to strategic risk management and organizational resilience. Acknowledging that "risk and reward" are at the core of all undertakings in both the public and private sectors, the Center focuses on the development of strategies to most effectively address uncertainty so as to achieve targeted objectives - in essence addressing "risks" to achieve "rewards."

The Center focuses on solutions to challenges in private sector management of risk and the interface of the public and private sectors in addressing shared risks.

Key elements of the Center's approach include:

The Center engages with and is advised by a unique community of senior leaders who have responsibilities to address risk and uncertainty for their organizations. Private sector members are predominantly from Global 1000 corporations. These are individuals who have senior titles that include enterprise risk management, security, continuity, crisis management, emergency management, preparedness and resilience. In the public sector, these individuals include senior officials in homeland security, civil defense, police, intelligence, emergency management, civil contingencies and the military.

What these leaders share in common is the charge from their organizations to proactively address uncertainty (in all its forms) to assure that the core missions of their organizations (whether they be governments or corporations) are enabled and sustained. These leaders are committed to peer-to-peer sharing of insights, development of key personal relationships in advance of crisis and joint action on common challenges.

The International Center for Enterprise Preparedness
New York University
285 Mercer Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Tel: +1- 212-998-2000

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“Homeland security and national preparedness... begin with the private sector” -The 9/11 Commission Report
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