Global Risk Network

Targeting Current & Emerging Global Disruptors

Addressing Strategic / Fiduciary / Compliance / Risk Management Imperatives

The Global Risk Network is a consortium of leading international corporations and their senior executives that have formed a trusted network to address emerging disruptive forces - representing both threats and opportunities - that may impact their global activities.

Core Activities of the Global Risk Network

>Face-to-Face Meetings: Peers, World Experts & Key Actors in facilitated and results-oriented forums at least three times a year on three continents - for expert insights and benchmarking.
--Americas (New York City: June 24-26, 2014)
--Europe (London: October 8-10, 2014)
--Asia (TBD)

The Early Warning Risk Radar: Distilling insights from Fortune / Global 500 executives and some of the world's finest research and think tanks including the unaffiliated World Economic Forum, Aspen Institute, OECD and others. Risk Radar provides concise abstracts on each current and emerging disruptor and likely impacts with "drill-down" access to deeper analysis.

Monthly Web Conversations on Key Disruptors: Bring in World Experts to Members Each Month The interactive interview and wider discussion format allows members to talk directly with world experts as well as share insights among themselves each month on a selected topic.

Communications & Collaboration Platform for Answers & Action: Robust member interaction via secure Member portal, video-conferencing and conference bridge platforms to promote:
>Joint Actions on Common Needs
>Questioning of Experts on Key Issues
>Shared Situational Awareness in Crisis
>Tapping of Collective Insights via Survey
>Resource for Analysis, Lessons Learned, Best Practices & Action Strategies

3 Corporate-Focused Special Project Deliverables Each Year are identified by participating companies to directly address their collective needs which can include the development of policies/procedures/strategies and other deliverables as well as targeted research.

Connecting & Engaging

The Network engages all relevant stakeholders on a global basis from the public and private sectors to address shared risks. The Network connects:

>Leading international corporations
>Cross-national organizations (United Nations, WHO, etc.)
>Targeted agencies of national governments
>NGOs including key public-private partnerships
>Leading experts, think tanks and research expertise

The Network leverages the neutral ground provided by NYU as an international university with demonstrated project management, convening and research capacities.

Membership Opportunity

Membership is by invitation. Members provide funding for activities based on corporate size and strategic engagement generally ranging from 7,500 to 25,000 USD annually. Please contact for information.

The Global Risk Network
285 Mercer Street
4th Floor
New York, NY 10003



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