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METRO NEW YORK DISASTER - REGIONAL JOINT PLANNING FORUM: Planning for Organizational & Regional Resilience with Government, Private Sector & Critical Infrastructure across the Region - June 24-26, 2014

April 22, 2014 9:18 AM

Risk and resilience experts, corporate and government leaders convene in New York City to examine risks, current plans, critically needed new strategies and advance vital alliances for regional and wider resilience to future disasters & disruptions. This Global Risk Network Forum will use the New York region as the focus for exploring new resilience approaches on an interdependent regional basis.

This event will build upon the insights from the November 2013 Metro-New York Disaster War Game & Regional Resilience Initiative Event hosted by InterCEP and sponsored by the Port Authority of NY & NJ. The Port Authority will participate but is not sponsoring this particular event.

Key questions to be addressed:

+What risks threaten to disrupt your operations?
>What are the top risks seen by the assembled corporations and government agencies? Benchmark your top risks with other major corporations, government agencies and other organizations in a roundtable discussion with senor leaders on what each sees as key threats and emerging risks
>What do leading researchers and think tanks see as the next big disruptions? Briefing and discussion on what organizations such as the World Economic Forum, OECD, US Director of National Intelligence and others see as imminent and emerging threats

+What are key planning assumptions for key regional risks? (severe weather, pandemic, cyber, etc.) High level discussions on planning with the goal of advancing the further sharing of planning efforts among core stakeholders
>Key industries
>Critical infrastructure

+In an increasingly interdependent world, how can you develop an “operational picture” of your critical dependencies / interdependencies?
>What are your essential relationships with key suppliers, core customers and critical infrastructure? What vulnerabilities / capabilities do they involve?

+What are the latest resilience strategies to sustain and advance your organization through future disruptions?
>What are the core elements and drivers of an effective framework for organizational resilience? Examining the key elements of successful resilience efforts based on input from practitioners, thought leaders and other experts.
>How can you build a resilient organization that adapts and prospers - that does not just “bounce back” from adversity but “bounces forward?” How can an objectives-focused risk management approach move you from a defensive to an offensive / proactive posture?
>How can resilience be measured to assure progress? What metrics can be used to validate current efforts and guide movement forward?

+How do you build critical alliances for disruptions and situational awareness?
>Who are organizations and individuals that should be in your own network? What elements of your own industry, your suppliers, your customers, government, infrastructure and NGOs are vital to assuring resilience for the next disruption?
>What are key initiatives that you need to connect with and integrate into your effort? There are innovative and impactful organizations advancing resilience in different dimensions nationally and regionally. Who are they and how can you engage with them?
>What should a wider “Regional Resilience Network” look like? What organizations should participate and how should it best function to address real needs? How can we collectively build a “network of networks?”
>How can situational awareness in crisis be advanced?Examining structures and strategies to source and integrate information from allies, partners and other sources.

+Cyber Resilience Beyond IT: Examining cyber impacts beyond the IT lens and resilience strategies to address one of the top ranked and most impactful threats to our organizations? Moving beyond solely IT focused and purely defensive strategies to integrated cross-silo and inter-organizational approaches focused on the impacts of cyber threats.

+The Resilience Pay-Off: What are the bottom-line impacts of resilience? How can investments be evaluated and budgets justified? What is the payback to the organization / the wider region?

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