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September 25-26, 2013: Berlin Global Risk Forum to Examine Corporate / Market Disruptors and Strategic/Fiduciary/Regulatory Imperatives to Address Them

June 18, 2013 10:35 AM

Over 60 global corporations have come together to identify imminent and impactful disruptors to corporate operations and markets. On September 25-26, 2013 in Berlin, selected senior management from these and a widening circle of other global corporations will convene to:

Map the landscape of key business and market disruptors identified by NYU's Early Warning Initiative outreach to the Fortune / Global 500 and leading think tanks with frank assessments by global executives of their most important disruptors and the findings of leading think tanks & research efforts including the unaffiliated World Economic Forum, OECD, Aspen Institute, etc. with a briefing on:
>Governmental / Regulatory Disruptors
>Economic & Social Disruptors
>Business Model / Innovation Disruptors
>Geopolitical Disruptors
>Technological & Cyber Disruptors
>Natural / Environmental Disruptors

Tap international experts for insights on high priority disruptors with focused briefings and discussions by key experts on selected impending threats and opportunities.

Benchmark with other global corporations on "what is on their radars?" Participating companies will share their priorities through both advance polling and facilitated round-robin discussions.

Examine potential impacts and strategies to address them with corporate peers and key experts through highly interactive and facilitated roundtable discussions aimed at better understanding these disruptors, how they will likely affect the corporate operations and wider markets as well as what might be done to address both the threats and opportunities that they present.

Forward strategic, regulatory and risk management imperatives including:
- Key regulatory requirements including SEC and NYSE
- Rating agency imperatives
- Enterprise risk management
- Reputational risks
- Legal liability mitigation
- Resilience, sustainability and other core initiatives
- Strategic planning in a volatile business environment.

The world leading corporations participating in this initiative are listed below as are some of the potential disruptor topics to be addressed.

This is an invitation-only event limited to 75 senior managers from global corporations. Interested parties who have not received an invitation should contact or call +1-212-998-2000 to speak with Global Risk Network staff at the NYU International Center for Enterprise Preparedness. Note that there is a participation fee.

Widening Spectrum of Disruptors

These disruptors encompass a full spectrum of identified factors and forces including Governmental / Regulatory Disruptors, Economic & Social Disruptors, Business Model / Innovation Disruptors, Geopolitical Disruptors, Technological & Cyber Disruptors, Natural / Environmental Disruptors. Potential disruptor topics include the following:

>Government Policy & Regulatory Disruptors
Potential topics include the following plus others from ongoing research and participant input: Emergent Regulatory & Tax Disruptions in Asia, Europe & the Americas, Menacing Trade Disputes & Potential Tariff Wars, Expanding Conflicts in National Regulatory Regimes, Prospective Global Regulatory Reforms, Emerging Global Public Policy & Social Issue Trends, Widening Political Impasse in Key Nations, Corporate Governance Disruptors (activist investors, demands for increased transparency, climate change reporting)

>Economic & Social Disruptors:
Potential topics include the following plus others from ongoing research and participant input: Disruptive Trajectories in the Global Economy: Key Nations & Wider Ecosystems (the Chinese Mega-Cycle, the Eurozone, Developing Markets, Default Prospects), A New Energy Mix: Oil to Methane, Coal Displaced?, Volatile Swifts in Manufacturing, Outsourcing and Off-Shoring, Sweeping Market / Producer Consolidations, Disruptions in the Global Supply Chain, Explosive Violence, Civil Unrest, Backlash Against Globalization, Workplace Threats; Hyper-Connectivity & the Volatility of Reputations, Demographic Revolutions: urbanization, aging, generational mixing, dynamic middle-class and others, Changing Consumer Behaviors & Developing Mega-Trends

>Business Model and Innovation Disruptors
Potential topics include the following plus others from ongoing research and participant input: Technology Jumps Across Industry Sectors, Low-Cost-Provider Expansions to Premium Markets, Novel Competition from Unexpected Sources; Your Customer as Competitor, Volatile Intellectual Property Regimes (Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights in play), Counterfeiting Offensives, Game Changing Approaches to Established Production Processes, Surprise Alternatives to Existing Products, Potential Social Media Disintermediation

>Geopolitical Disruptors
Potential topics include the following plus others from ongoing research and participant input: Varying trajectories in the BRIC nations, Instability of the Developing World, the Evolving Arab Awakening, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria..., New Directions in Terrorism

>Technology & Cyber Disruptors
Potential topics include the following plus others from ongoing research and participant input: Hacktivism & Anonymous, The Prospect of Massive Attacks: Digital Misinformation / Data Fraud / Theft, The Bring-Your-Own-Device Frontier, Ongoing State-Sponsored Industrial Espionage, Active Defenses to the Cyber Threat, Big Data's Trajectory, The Cloud's Alluring Economies and Unexplored Vulnerabilities / Impacts, The Reinvention of the Internet, Vulnerability of Connectivity, Undiscovered and Potentially Cascading Global Interdependencies, Energy Disruptors: Increasing Energy Dependencies, Swings in Energy Sources & Broader Impacts; Turning Things Upside Down: Robotics/Automation, 3-D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Commercialization of Space, Exploiting the Human Genome, Ramifications of Mobile Technology, Evolving Social Media

>Natural / Environmental Disruptors
Potential topics include the following plus others from ongoing research and participant input: Extreme Weather & Climate Change, Food and Water Scarcity, Increasing Impact of Natural Hazards: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions..., Solar-Based Disruptions / Geomagnetic Storms / Space Weather, Contagion: Pandemic & Drug Resistant Bacteria

For additional information about the Global Risk Network Download file.

Early Warning Risk Radar Initiative

Participating Companies:

1. 3M
2. Alcoa
3. Allianz
4. Amgen
5. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
6. Avis Budget Group
7. AXA
8. Baker Hughes
9. Barclays
10. Bemis
11. Campbellā€™s
12. CA Technologies
13. Cliffs Natural Resources
15. Daimler
16. Dell SecureWorks
17. Deutsche Bank
18. DirecTV
19. Eastman Chemical Company
20. Eric Holdeman & Associates
21. Estee Lauder
22. Flextronics International
23. GardaWorld
24. General Electric
25. Goldman Sachs
26. Guardian Life Insurance
27. JetBlue Airways
28. Kroger
29. Lancers Network Limited
30. Lenovo Group
31. Live Nation Entertainment
32. Manulife Financial
33. Marriott
34. McGraw-Hill
35. Microsoft
36. National Grid
37. NC4
38. Nestle
39. NetApp
40. Northeast Utilities
41. Novartis
42. Palantir Technologies
43. Pfizer
44. Pinkerton / Securitas
45. Pitney Bowes
46. Prudential Financial
47. Prudential PLC
48. Regions Financial
49. Rockwell Collins
50. Royal Bank of Scotland
51. Sealed Air
52. Simudyne
53. Spectrum Consulting Services
54. Tech Data
55. Thomson Reuters
56. Time Warner Cable
57. Vodafone
58. Woolworths Limited
59. Walt Disney
60. Waste Management
61. Xerox
62. Zurich Insurance Group

Job Titles Interviewed (varying by company):

1. Chief Executive Officer
2. Chief Financial Officer
3. Chief Information Security Officer
4. Chief Operating Officer
5. Chief Security Officer
6. Chief Risk Officer
7. Chief Strategy Officer
8. Chief Legal Compliance Officer
9. Chief Economist
10. Director, Global Risk Group
11. EVP and Head of Compliance and Operational Risk
12. EVP, Global Strategy
13. EVP, Corporate Strategy and Business Development
14. Global Head of Business Continuity
15. Group Head of Operational Risk
16. Group Resilience Director
17. Group Corporate Responsibility
18. Head, Global Health, Safety and Environment and Business Continuity
19. Manager, Enterprise Risk
20. Managing Director
21. Public Policy Director
22. Senior Director, Enterprise Risk Management
23. Senior Vice President
24. SVP Corporate Development
25. SVP, Chief Information Officer
26. SVP, Investor Relations
27. SVP, General Counsel
28. Treasurer
29. Director, Care and Emergency Response
30. Director, Crisis Management and Business Continuity
31. VP and CSO Global Security
32. VP Communications

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