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May 2013 Update

May 22, 2013 2:33 PM

This month: Live Web Briefing on Entrenched Organized Crime, June 3rd GRN Forum in New York City Agenda Announced, September Berlin Forum Confirmed

The following are upcoming activities of the Global Risk Network (GRN), a consortium of leading multinational corporations committed to jointly addressing shared risks and potential disruptors to their global operations in collaboration with governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders worldwide. The GRN is hosted by InterCEP (the International Center for Enterprise Preparedness) at New York University.

Upcoming Face-to-Face Forums:
o June 3, 2013: Global Risk Network Forum in New York (2 pm - 6 pm Forum; 6 pm to 7:30 pm Reception) - GRN Members and Invitees Only. Interested parties should e-mail to be considered for an invitation. The briefings will include:
 The Early Warning Risk Radar Project with a diversity of senior management from various global corporations that have been interviewed on what they see as coming “disruptors” of global operations, markets and wider society - Geopolitical, Cyber, Governmental/Regulatory, Economic, Social, Technology, Business Models, Natural / Environmental.
 Hacktivism with Prof. Gabriella Coleman, researcher and expert on hacktivists and Anonymous
 Key Asian Trajectories with Ted Fishman, NY Times Best Selling Author of China, Inc. and Shock of Gray
 General Mike Dubie, Dep. Commander, US Northern Command & Vice Commander, US Element, North American Aerospace Defense Command
 Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, Dept. of Homeland Security, Caitlin Durkovich
Tuesday, June 4: We have confirmed a Briefing and Tour of the World Trade Center and have requested a similar briefing at New York City Emergency Management Office on June 4. The World Trade Center tour will include the WTC Memorial, courtesy of our good friends at the Port Authority. All participants in the forum and any members of the Global Risk Network family are invited.
Europe: Berlin Forum - September 25—26, 2013 at Motorola's Berlin Headquarters. Additional details to follow shortly.
Asia: India, Singapore and Hong Kong locales under consideration for the November/December time frame - interested hosts welcomed

Upcoming Web Conversations
Entrenched Organized Crime
o Featuring Isabel de Sola, Senior Knowledge Manager, Global Agenda Councils, World Economic Forum
o Wednesday, May 29th, 11AM Eastern

Hyper-Connectivity & the Vulnerability of Reputations
o Featuring Steven C. Parrish, of Steve Parrish Consulting Group, LLC
o Wednesday, June 26th, 11AM Eastern

Cyber Game Changer: The Active Defense
o Featuring Steven Chabinsky, Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and Chief Risk Officer of the cybersecurity technology firm CrowdStrike
o Wednesday, July 24th, 11AM Eastern

Special Projects 2013
The Early Warning Risk Radar: Threats & Opportunities from Emerging Disruptions
o Goal: The goal of this study is to consult the Fortune 500 and Global 500 firms and to search the wide array of research and forums to succinctly distill potential "disruptors," their prospective impacts (both positive and negative), and possible strategies to address them. Disruptors are considered any force or factor that may substantially disrupt operations, global markets, or wider society in the near term.
o All corporate members of the Global Risk Network will have access to this unique platform which can serve as an important planning resource for the entire enterprise. Quarterly or semi-annual updates are in consideration.
Ongoing development of the four 2012 special projects:
o Identifying the Bottom-Line Value of Risk Activities & Communicating It to Senior Management: Compendium of Strategies and Corporate Tool Box
o Social Media Risks & Opportunities: Best Practices and Evolving Strategies
o Risk Information Processing: Gaining Accurate Situational Awareness in Crisis
o Cyber Security Compendium of Initiatives: Clarifying Confusion Due to the Diversity of Cyber Threats and Programs
Three new deliverable-oriented special projects in 2013 will be identified and delivered in 2013 based on GRN Member needs. The Early Warning Initiative is the first.

Membership Opportunity: Growing the Network by Targeted Invitations
The Global Risk Network welcomes wider participation in this high impact consortium of leading international corporations and their senior professionals. As a trusted network, corporations collaborate to develop concrete solutions and share information to address operational risks that threaten their global activities. The network also engages other relevant stakeholders from the public, NGO and private sectors on shared risks. Corporations that are interested in membership should contact

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