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February 2013 Update

February 5, 2013 3:53 PM

This month: Live web conversation on Addressing Threats of Violence: Leveraging Human Factors, A Behavioral Sciences Approach; The Early Warning Initiative is underway to be released in June; Face-to-face forums in Berlin and New York currently being planned.

The following are upcoming activities of the Global Risk Network (GRN), a consortium of leading multinational corporations committed to jointly addressing shared operational risks to their global operations in collaboration with governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders worldwide.

The GRN is hosted by InterCEP (the International Center for Enterprise Preparedness) at New York University.

Upcoming Web Conversations
>Addressing Threats of Violence: Leveraging Human Factors, A Human Sciences Approach
Wednesday, February 27th, 11AM EST

>Super Storm Sandy: Lessons Learned
Wednesday, March 27th, 11AM EST

>Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Wednesday, April 24th, 11AM EST

Special Projects 2013
The Early Warning Initiative: Threats & Opportunities from Emerging Disruptions
A first-of-its-kind "radar check" study of impending disruptors of business operations and wider markets will compile and distill the insights from some of the world's leading research organizations, think tanks, and forums including the unaffiliated World Economic Forum, Aspen Institute, OECD, and others. The initiative will also be informed by input from targeted but diverse global corporate leaders across a range of job titles, senior government officials, and other international stakeholders.

There will be ongoing development and evolution of the four current special projects:
>Identifying the Bottom-Line Value of Risk Activities & Communicating It to Senior Management: Compendium of Strategies and Corporate Tool Box
>Social Media Risks & Opportunities: Best Practices and Evolving Strategies
>Risk Information Processing: Gaining Accurate Situational Awareness in Crisis
>Cyber Security Compendium of Initiatives: Clarifying Confusion Due to the Diversity of Cyber Threats and Programs

Three new deliverable-oriented special projects will be identified and delivered in 2013 based on GRN Member needs. The Early Warning Initiative will be the first.

Upcoming Face-to-Face Forums:
June 3, 2013: Global Risk Network Forum in New York (2 pm - 6 pm Forum; 6 pm to 7:30 pm Reception) - GRN Members and Invitees Only
>Briefing on Findings of Early Warning Project: Outreach to Fortune 500 & Global 500 on Disruptive Forces
>Review & Lessons Learned from Recent Events
>Overview of Continuing and Emerging Risks
>Strategic Planning Briefing & Member Discussion
>Interested parties should contact InterCEP at Participation is limited to senior professionals in global organizations.
June 4-5, 2013: Global Disruptors Summit in New York (8 am - 6 pm daily) - While this is not an NYU hosted forum, all Global Risk Network Principal Members (the primary corporate liaisons) can attend this forum on a complimentary basis.
24+ sessions on "Disruptors" from world experts on current and prospective forces which might disrupt the operations of global corporations, markets, and potentially wider society.
Additional information at
Europe: Berlin Forum - Scheduled for September 2013 and confirmed for Motorola's Berlin Headquarters. Additional details to follow shortly.
Asia: India and Hong Kong locales under consideration for the November/December time frame - interested hosts welcomed

Additional Information on Above Activities Follows Below

February Web Conversation: Addressing Threats of Violence: Leveraging Human Factors, A Behavioral Sciences Approach

With increasing economic distress and other geopolitical forces, the threat of violence both within the organization and from outside the organization has increased dramatically. What strategies and approaches can be utilized to mitigate this increasing risk?

On Wednesday, February 27th, at 11am Eastern, the Global Risk Network will host a fast paced, interview-oriented conversation featuring:

>Richard M. Santoro, LLC. Richard is an ASIS Board Certified Protection Professional and a nationally recognized hospitality, gaming, resort, and premises liability subject matter expert.
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Time: 11 am EST -- 12 pm EST

Special Project: The Early Warning Initiative: Threats & Opportunities from Emerging Disruptions

Goal: The goal of this study is to consult the Fortune 500 and Global 500 firms and to search the wide array of research and forums to succinctly distill potential "disruptors," their prospective impacts (both positive and negative), and possible strategies to address them. Disruptors are considered any force or factor that may substantially disrupt global markets, business operations, governments, or wider society in the near term.

Rationale: This study is being developed in response to the repeatedly stated need of senior managers who are concerned about the increasingly dynamic and uncertain business environment yet who have limited time and resources to adequately monitor relevant research and other intelligence -- essentially "to make sure that we are not missing something important on our radar,"

>Global Search: A global search to identify key research efforts and other reporting with insights from senior level corporate and governmental organizations is underway.
>Distillation: Identified research and reporting will be reviewed and distilled for content on disruptive forces.
>Quick Review Organization: Findings will be organized for improved insight and quick review with drill-down structure for further details as desired.
>Ongoing Monitoring: Identified resources and disruptive factors will be monitored to maintain an ongoing "radar check" capacity with periodic updates on the summary report provided to Global Risk Network members.

All corporate members of the Global Risk Network will have access to this reporting which can serve as an important planning resource. Quarterly or semi-annual updates are in consideration.

Participants will receive a copy of the study: The restricted final report, due at the end of June, will be available at no cost only to those participating senior leaders who have helped inform the study. Interested parties should contact InterCEP at Participation is limited to senior professionals in global organizations.

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