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About the Global Risk Network

July 30, 2012 5:52 PM

What is the Global Risk Network?
It is a consortium of leading international corporations and their senior professionals that have formed a trusted network to collaborate to develop concrete solutions and share information to address risks that threaten their global activities. The network acknowledges the interdependencies of a globalized economy and therefore also engages other relevant stakeholders from the public and private sector on shared risks. The Network connects:

- leading corporations with international operations
- cross-national organizations (United Nations, World Health Organization, Interpol, etc.)
- targeted agencies of national governments
- public-private partnerships, other NGOs and key research expertise

What are objectives of the Network?
The core objectives of the Network are to leverage the combined resources of some of the world's leading global corporations:
1. to develop concrete solutions and responses to shared risk-related challenges of members, and
2. to enable and integrate more effective communications and collaboration on risks among participating global corporations as well as with other relevant stakeholders (e.g., governments, trans-national entities, NGOs & key resource organizations).

What is the business value of the Global Risk Network?
Since participating corporations drive the focus of this project-oriented consortium, the members themselves can target the network activity on the most needed and highest business value outcomes. In addition to ongoing communications and collaboration activity, three common core projects will be determined each calendar year based upon corporate consensus and available resources from membership fees. Additional projects can be undertaken with support from interested companies. All projects will benefit from the consortium approach which minimizes costs while incorporating the experience and best practices of a spectrum of leading firms. The International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (InterCEP) at New York University provides the staff for project management and support to assure on-time deliverables.

What leading organizations are informing this initiative?
Barclays, Deutsche Bank, GardaWorld, Goldman Sachs, Guardian Life Insurance Co., Indy Racing League, JetBlue Airways, Lancers Network Limited, Microsoft, NC4, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc., Palantir Technologies, Pfizer, Pinkerton / Securitas, Prudential, RBS Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Simudyne, Thomson Reuters, and Vodafone.

How is the Network different?
Elements that distinguish the Global Risk Network from other initiatives include the unique combination of the following:
- Clear deliverables through an output-oriented project-based approach
- Focus on bottom-line impact
- Trusted network environment for senior-level confidential sharing of challenges and insights
- Central staff support & project management to assure concrete results
- Truly international in focus committed to engaging across Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia, Europe
- Cross-industry / public-private engagement, distinct from industry or profession focused efforts
- Addresses the full spectrum of risk including board & executive governance, strategic planning, enterprise risk management, marketing/business development, corporate counsel, compliance, security, supply chain management, continuity, crisis management, cyber security, etc.
- Encompasses a diversity of job titles / positions
- Adds academic rigor and quality focus
- Leverages the neutral ground of an international academic institution to convene diverse parties
- Utilizes the consortium approach to lower costs
- Seeks to integrate and collaborate with existing initiatives - not to duplicate
- Conceived of and designed by corporations to achieve business value

What are the next steps if a corporation is interested?
Annual membership cost is based on corporation size. Corporations should contact InterCEP with any questions and to assure an opportunity to participate.

Email Global Risk Network staff at

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