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Update: First Global Risk Network Forming to Address Operational Risk, Reduce Costs & Free-up Staff/Resources - Summit on June 13-15 in New York City

May 25, 2011 9:25 AM

An Urgent Need to Address Operational Risks

The Increasing Vulnerability of International Business Operations: There are significant and growing vulnerabilities of assets, operations and cash flows across diverse international operations for most global corporations which threaten substantial losses and disruptions from operational risks.
• Increasing interdependencies in globalized market place
• Limited resources in a constrained economic environment leading overtaxed staff and stretched capabilities
• Growing gaps in ability to address risks in varying operating environments
• Limited knowledge of effective approaches in diverse countries and cultures
• Limited connectivity with other global corporations addressing similar challenges
• Limited connectivity with key national government agencies and relevant international agencies in countries where corporations have operations

The Opportunity

Joint Effort with Results-Oriented Support Staff: A Global Risk Network of leading corporations is forming to jointly address risks, lower costs and free-up staff/capabilities/organizational bandwidth.

This effort will maximize the benefits and impact of collaboration among global corporations with a dedicated staff with project management discipline focused on clear deliverables to
1. Protect international operations more effectively
2. Reduce costs
3. Free-up organizational resources and bandwidth

Leading Global Corporations & Key Organizations Convening:

On June 13-15, in New York City, senior professionals from the public and private sectors will convene to establish the framework for the first Global Risk Network. This unique body is being formed to actively address the shared risks that threaten to disrupt operations for both public and private sector organizations in an increasingly interdependent world and a globalized economy.

Insights From:

A diversity of senior leaders will share perspectives and experiences including:
Anschutz Entertainment Group - Matt Bettenhausen, VP Security
ASA Institute for Risk & Innovation - Annie Searle
Bank of America - Susan Rogers, SVP Infrastructure Compliance & Operations Risk
British Telecom - Stephen Harris, General Manager of Civil Resilience
Chertoff Group - The Honorable Dr. Richard Falkenrath, Principal
Citigroup - Iris Valdes, Sr. VP / Operational Risk
Credit Suisse - Nikki Covino, Regional Head of BCM Americas/Director
Dell - Jon Amis, Program Manager, Supply Chain Risk Management
The Dow Chemical Company - Henry Ward, Global Supply Chain Director
Expedia - Howard Mannella, Principal Resiliency Strategist
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Arnold E. Bell, Deputy Program Director, Domestic Security Alliance Council
FEMA - Terence Winters, Private Sector Liaison
Fleishman-Hillard - Len Biegel, Sr. Advisor
Guardian Life - Debra B Zoppy, Director, Crisis Management & Business Continuity
Homeland Security & Defense Business Council - Marc Pearl, President/CEO
ISAC National Council - Denise Anderson, Vice Chair
JetBlue Airways - Penny Neferis, Director, Care and Emergency Response
London First - Gerard McAtamney, Programme Director for Security & Policing
Marriott - Alan Orlob, VP Safety & Security
Microsoft - Mike Howard, Chief Security Officer
Microsoft - Heidi McCombs, Group Program Manager
Mumbai First - Narinder Nayar, Chairman
Nogoya Institute of Technology - Kenji Watanabe, Head of Disaster & Safety Management
OSAC - Jackee Schools, Chief of RISC
Pfizer Inc - Terrence McCann, Senior Director, Global Security
Prudential - John Smith, Head of Group Security
Qatar Petroleum - Mabrouk Benattia, Head of Risk Management
Qatar Petroleum - Abdulla Al-Khulaifi, Security Operations Manager
Royal Bank of Canada - Ihab Dana, Head Business Continuity Capital Markets
Target - Mike Rackley, Sr. Group Manager of Global Security
Target - Nicole McKoin, Senior Specialist, Crisis Management
Target - Bryan Strawser Group Manager, Global Crisis Management
Target - Ted Sherman, Director, Global Trade Services and Member, Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection
The Clearing House - Chris Jackson, VP, Enterprise Risk Management/BCP
Thompson Reuters - Edward Levy, VP & Global Head of Security
Toronto Hydro Electric System - Suzanne Bernier, Manager, Emergency Management
U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Al Martinez-Fonts, Vice President and U.S. Forum for Policy Innovation, Executive Vice President
UNICRI - Brian Powrie, International Advisor
United Nations - Ahmed Seif El-Dawla, Chief of Section, Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate CTED)
United Nations - Massimiliano Montanari,Head of the UNICRI Public-Private Policies and Major Events Security Initiative
VISA - Filip Maes, Sr. Business Leader

At its core, the Global Risk Network will enable enhanced communications and active collaboration between global corporations and governments as well as other key stakeholders on shared risks.

With a dedicated staff and a project management discipline, the effort will be private sector led and focused on addressing key gaps in managing shared operational risks based on the input from a diversity of senior professionals from some of the world's leading organizations.

The June summit will allow interested organizations without obligation to review and discuss the current draft structure for the network and evolve it to assure that it is focused on the global needs of their organizations. The Summit will be held at the International Center for Enterprise Preparedness of New York University.

The network will connect:
- Multi-national corporations
- Cross-national organizations (e.g., UN, INTERPOL, World Customs Organization, WHO, etc.)
- National government agencies (in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australia)
- Existing public-private partnerships (city, regional, national)
- Non-governmental organizations
- Research & expertise resources (research centers and subject matter experts)

"For nearly seven years, we have been fortunate to engage with truly insightful and action-oriented senior leaders from some of the world's finest public and private organizations. This Global Risk Network is being formed at the direct request of and with the active involvement of these leaders with the clear goal of real impact on shared risks," stated Bill Raisch, Director
International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (INTERCEP) of New York University.

Mission & Objectives

The mission of the Global Risk Network is to actively collaborate on a public-private sector and cross-industry basis to develop and implement actionable strategies to address shared risks in an interdependent global environment. Operational risks are the initial focus of this effort.

Key objectives of the Network are both organizational and individual:
- Create an Organizational Network of Networks to address risks in connecting and integrating public and private organizations to collaboratively and concretely address risks.
- Create a productive Peer-to-Peer Community among individual professionals which enables and supports the sharing of insights, experience and successful practices across a diversity of senior positions with responsibilities for risk.

How to Participate in the June 13-15 Summit:
The Global Risk Summit is an invitation-only event to assure the focus on senior professionals with direct risk responsibilities for their organizations. If you are interested in participating please complete the form available via the link below and INTERCEP staff will return to you generally within 24-48 hours. The link below provides access to Summit Application Form.

Summit Application Form

Summary of June 13-15 Global Risk Summit:Download file

No Advance Commitment to the Global Risk Network is Required / Additional Information Available: Note that the primary purpose of the upcoming Summit will be to vet the Executive Advisory Committee's draft framework for the Global Risk Network and to discuss and evolve this framework to assure that this initiative is designed to meet the needs of participating organizations. No advance commitment to participate in the Global Risk Network is required. The link below provides assss the Draft Global Risk Network Summary.

Draft Global Risk Network Summary

Past Summit Proceedings Available: The link below provides access to the proceedings of the 2010 Summit.

2010 Forum Proceedings

Parties interested in the Global Risk Network initiative in general are welcomed to contact the Center.

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