The Business Case For Preparedness

Leading Business Case Arguments: Summaries & Listing

InterCEP has compiled an annotated bibliography to provide organizational decision makers with a series of arguments to support the business case for preparedness.

As a research effort, this annotated bibliography is only a first step toward a meta-analysis of how the business case for preparedness is currently evolving in the field. InterCEP therefore solicits feedback from readers of this bibliography – what sources have we missed? Have we properly understood and annotated the sources we've found? We intend to incorporate feedback and update this document with additional sources on a regular basis.
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Financial Impacts of Corporate Preparedness

Corporate preparedness activities have a diversity of impacts on the organization including those that contribute to the bottom-line profitability of the firm.

The ongoing analysis identifies impacts from corporate preparedness on the key financial statements of the corporation: the Profit & Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet.

See the links below for further detail on these impacts.

This is an ongoing international research initiative and evidence of additional impacts of corporate preparedness is welcomed. Sources of these contributions will be acknowledged as appropriate. Please contact InterCEP at 1-212-998-2000 or

InterCEP Publications Supporting the Business Case
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