William G. Raisch

William G. Raisch is the Director of the International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (InterCEP) at New York University.  He founded the center with initial funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as the world’s first academic research center dedicated to private sector emergency preparedness and resilience.  His work at InterCEP focuses on the development of actionable strategies and policies in this arena through active engagement of key stakeholders.   Topical concentrations reflect an emphasis on the “what” and “why” of resilience and include best practices, standards, metrics/assessment, information flow, public-private partnerships and the economic impacts of resilience including the role of incentives for business.  In addition to strong involvement with the U.S. business sector, the Center has an international outreach, actively working with a diversity of multi-national corporations as well as representatives from various national governments and NGO’s globally.  

Directly prior to founding the Center, Mr. Raisch served as the private sector preparedness advisor to the Federal 9-11 Commission and assisted in developing the Commission’s recommendations on private sector emergency preparedness. He continues to support the efforts of the 9-11 Public Discourse Project in its ongoing reporting and advocacy activity. 

Mr. Raisch has been active in corporate safety and security since the early 1990’s, having developed a variety of safety, emergency management and business continuity programs and forums.  He has provided training to several hundred organizations to date across the United States and internationally.  He has nearly 30 years of experience in the private sector spanning roles in both private and public corporations including directing strategic planning for Smith Barney International.  

Mr. Raisch serves on various international advisory and standards bodies including the ISO (international standards organization), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE).  He has provided expert testimony to a diversity of governmental bodies and appears on national media on issues of emergency preparedness and organizational resilience.  

Mr. Raisch received his B.A. (Government & Economics) and M.B.A. from Cornell University.  Married for over twenty years to his wife, Barbara, he is a proud father of three daughters, Emily, Julie and Anna. 

Contact Information

Telephone:   212-998-2000

Email:  william.raisch@nyu.edu

Website: www.nyu.edu/intercep 

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