Timothy G. Bromage, PhD

Professor, Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics
Director, Hard Tissue Research Unit

Email: tim.bromage@nyu.edu

BA 1978 (Special Major: Anthropology/Biology/Geology) California State University, Sonoma; MA 1980 (Biological Anthropology) University of Toronto; PhD 1986 (Biological Anthropology) University of Toronto

Research Interests: Mineralized tissue biology with emphasis on its translation to environmental and evolutionary studies • Microanatomical correlates of bone biomechanics • Skeletal adaptation to microgravity • Enamel and bone growth rate variability with respect to environmental perturbations • Skeletal development, aging, and organismal life history • Human evolutionary biology and Plio-Pleistocene field research • Integration of graphic and heuristic elements in the digital photomicrography of bone and tooth microanatomy

Representative publications

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