Racquel Z . LeGeros, PhD

Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics
Leonard I. Linkow Professor of Implant Dentistry
Director, Calcium Phosphate Research Laboratory

Email: rzl1@nyu.edu

BS 1954 (Chemistry) Adamson University, Manila, Philippines; MS 1957 (Organic Chemistry) New York University; PhD 1967 (Biochemistry) New York University; Doctorat Honoris Causa (honorary doctorate) 2006 Université de Nantes

Research Interests: Effect of carbonate, fluoride, magnesium, zinc  pyrophosphate, citrate, and other elements on the formation and stability of biologic and synthetic apatites and related calcium phosphates • Preparation and/or characterization of calcium phosphate–based biomaterials (bioceramics, cements, glasses, composites) for bone substitution, repair, and osteoporosis therapy • Implant surface modifications and coatings

Representative publications

Yamada Y, Ito A, Kohjima H, Sakane M, Miyaka S, Uemura T, LeGeros RZ (2008). Inhibitory effect of Zn2+ in zinc-containing beta-tricalcium phosphate on resorbing activity of mature osteoclasts. J Biomed Mater Res 84A:344-352.

Wakae H, Takeuchji A, Udoh K, Matsuya S, Munar M, LeGeros RZ, Nakagawa M, Nakashima A, Ishikawa K (2008). Fabrication of cancellous bone type carbonate apatite foam by hydrothermal conversion of alpha-tricalcium phosphate in carbonate solutions. J Biomed Mater Res 87A:957-963.

Otsuka M, Oshinbe A, LeGeros RZ, Tokudome Y, Ito A, Otsuka K, Higuchi WI (2008). Efficacy of a new injectable calcium phosphate ceramic suspension on improving bone properties of ovariectomized rats. J Pharm Sci 421-432.

LeGeros RZ, Mijares D, Yao F, Tannous S, Catig G, Xi Q, Dias R, LeGeros JP (2008). Synthetic bone mineral (SBM) for osteoporosis therapy: Part I. Prevention of bone loss from mineral deficiency. Key Engineer Mater 361-363:43-46.

Chuo AHK, LeGeros RZ, Mijares D. Frondoza C, LeGeros JP (2008). Calcium phosphate mineralized GBR membranes: Preparation and properties. Key Engineer Mater 361-363:435-438.

Daculsi G, LeGeros RZ, Grimaldi G, Aguado E, LeGeros J (2008). Effect of sintering process on microporosity and bone ingrowth on biphasic calcium phosphate ceramics. Key Engineer Mater 361-363:1139-1142.

Namata Y, Nakada H, Sakae T, Kimura-Suda H, LeGeros RZ, Kobayashi K, Makimura M (2008). Qualitative study of the new bone formation surrounding the Ti implant by FT-IR and polarizing microscope. J hard Tiss Biol 17:131-140.

Nakada H, Numata Y, Sakae T, Oazaki Y, Tanimoto Y, Ookubo A, Kobayashi K, LeGeros RZ (2008). Comparison of bone mineral density and area of newly formed bone around Ti-15%Zr-4%Nb-4%Ta alloy and Ti-6%Al-4%V alloy implants. J Hard Tiss Biol 17:99-108

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Rohanizadeh R, LeGeros RZ, Harsono M, Benavid A (2005). Adherent apatite coating on titanium substrate using chemical deposition. J Biomed Mater Res 72A:428-438.

Kothpalli C, Wei M, LeGeros RZ, Shaw MT (2005). Influence of temperature and aging time on HA synthesized by the hydrothermal method. J Mat Sci Mat Med 16:441-446.


Books & book chapters

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