Laboratory Facilities

The laboratories of the Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics occupy over 2500 square feet on the eighth floor of the New York University College of Dentistry. The Department encourages an “open laboratory” concept: all laboratories, facilities, and equipment are available for use by all researchers.

Electron microscopy

Two environmental scanning electron microscopes (Hitachi 3500N, Zeiss EV- 50), each with energy-dispersive spectroscopy (PGT IMIX) and backscatter electron imaging detectors for elemental composition and atomic density analysis

Two sputter coaters (EMITECH, ISI)

X-ray imaging and x-ray diffraction

Microcomputer-aided tomography system (Scanco Medical 40)

Faxitron x-ray machine for high-resolution planar images
X-ray diffraction system (Philips APD3520)

Light microscopy

Confocal microscope (Technical Instruments K2S-BIO)

Portable confocal microscope (modified Technical Instruments K2S-BIO)

Two 3D microscopes (Edge R400 and H160 Real-Time)

Two conventional compound microscopes (Leica-Leitz DMRX/E with full automation, Zeiss Photomicroscope I), both with contrast enhancements and fluorescence

3-D digitizer (Mitutoyo Video-Based)
Stereo zoom microscope (Leica MZ-APO)
Histology slide scanning system (Aperio Technologies)

Imaging workstations and image analysis software

Syncroscopy Montage Explorer workstation

Syncroscopy Auto Montage workstation
3D imaging workstation (Analyze, GEMS Microviewer, Voxblast)
High-resolution image analysis system (Leica Quantimet 550)

Histomorphometry workstation (BioQuant Nova, Nova Prime)

Image analysis and measurement system (Image Pro Plus)

Mechanical characterization

Mouth motion biaxial fatigue analyzer (Enduratec ELF-3300)

Two mouth motion uniaxial fatigue analyzers (Enduratec ELF-3300)
Universal servohydraulic testing machine (Instron 5566 with 8000-N capability)
R-ratio fatigue testing machine (Test Resouces)
Universal tester (Romulus IV with hardness, shear, and break point modules)
Low-load uniaxial testing machine (Chatillon M3200 with micotensile fixtures)
Hardness tester (Buehler with Vickers and Knoop diamonds)
Profilometer (Mitotoyu)

Materials characterization

Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (Nicolet 550, with IR-Plan microscope) Infrared spectrometer (Perkin-Elmer 983 G)

Hg intrusion porosity measuring system (Micromeretics Autopor 9200)

Specific surface and porosity measuring system (Micromeretics Flowsorb II 2300)
Thermogravimetric system (Perkin-Elmer TGS2)
pH stat dissolution setup (Metrohm Model 692S)
Pressure reactor (Parr 4841)
Plasma glow discharge sterilizer (Picotron)
Axial inductive coupled plasma atomic adsorption system for solution composition (Thermal-Jarrel Ash)


Biomaterials synthesis and histology preparation

Microtome and ultramiller (Leica Polycut-E)

Ductless histology workstation (Misonix)
Critical-point dryer (Polaron)
Diaphragm vacuum pump with vapor trap (Savant-Thermoquest)
Three low-speed saws (Buehler Isomet)
Polisher (Buehler Isomet 1000)
Two power-head polishers (Buehler Phoenix Beta)
Automatic mounting press (Buehler Simplimet 1000),
Vibratory polisher (Buehler Vibromet 2)
Dry grit-blast system (Trinco)
Hydraulic press for infrared sample pelleting (Carver)
Two strip grinders (Rockwell, EMSCO)
Light-curing oven (Hereaus-Kulzer)
Distilling and deionizing water purification system (Millipore)
Ultramicrotome (LKB)
Cryostat (Microm H505 E)
Microanlytical balance (Satorious M500P)
Analytical balance (Mettler AE 240)
Programmable furnances and heating ovens

General computing and software

Twenty workstations (Dell, HP, Gateway)
FEA software (Pro/Engineer, Pro/Mechanica, Abacus)
Statistical software (Reliasoft Alta Pro and Weibull 6++, SAS, Statistix 8)

Machine shop

Vertical drill press/miller (Microtec Mini)
Compact lathe (EMCO)
Band saw (Craftsman)
Dental handpieces (air pressure and electric)

Tissue culture and animal facilities

Two culture laboratories shared with the Basic Science Department
A fully accredited animal facility located in the same building