Dr. Teixeira

Cristina M. C. Teixeira, DDS, DMD, PhD

Associate Professor of Orthodontics and Basic Science & Craniofacial Biology

Email: ct40@nyu.edu

DDS 1992, University of Porto, Portugal; MS in Oral Biology 1997, University of Pennsylvania; DMD 2001, University of Pennsylvania; PhD in Developmental Biology 2001, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: Physiology of growth plate cartilage as a platform for a new approach to tissue engineering of bone • Cell and molecular biology of growth plate chondrocyte differentiation, maturation, and apoptosis • Role of nitric oxide in Pi-induced apoptosis in chondrocytes • Function of NO in chondrogenesis

Representative publications

S. M. Oliveira, D. Q. Mijares, G. Turner, I. F. Amaral, M. A. Barbosa, and C. C. Teixeira. Engineering endochondral bone: in vivo studies. Tissue engineering. Part A. 15(3):635-43, 2009 Mar.

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