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Graduate Program - Preliminary MA Course Schedule

Spring 2007 (Last Updated November 27, 2006)
Syllabi for Previous Offerings of these Courses May Be Available at the Graduate Course Listings

While this schedule is preliminary, it is the most up-to-date schedule available. If you find conflicts between this schedule and any other, you should assume that this schedule is correct. If you need to verify the time and place of any course, you can contact Carlos Rios by phone (212-998-8530) or email.

Course #


Field/Course Title




G53.2106   Methods of Political Inquiry Bertell Ollman TBA M 6:20 – 8:20
G53.3101   Seminar in Political Theory:Theories of Rights Maria Kowalski TBA TH 2 - 4
G53.2324   Campaigns and Elections Robert Weissberg TBA W 2 - 4
G53.1320   Campaign and Strategy Richard Dresner TBA M 4 - 6
G53.1500   Comparative Politics Tony Spanakos TBA M 2 – 4
G532524   France in Europe Martin Schain TBA T 4 - 6
G53.3500 Perm of
Politics and Economics ofInstitutional Change in Developing
and Post-Industrial Countries (With perm. of instructor)
Thrainn Eggertsson TBA W 4 - 6
G53.1731   Democratic Governance Shabir Cheema TBA TBA
G53.3500   Comparative Politics Seminar: Politics and Government of Japan Mary McCarthy TBA F 2 – 4
G53.3501   Comparative Politics Seminar: The Politics of South Asia Srikrishna Ayyangar TBA TH 4 - 6
G53.3500   Comparative Politics Seminar: The Government and Politics of Africa Bonnie Brennan TBA TBA
G53.2108   Game Theory & Politics Michael Jones and
Jennifer Wilson
TBA TH 6:20 – 8:20
G53.1120   Intro To Quantitative Political Analysis I Youssef Cohen TBA T 4 - 6
G53.2128   Advanced qualitative methods Vanessa Scherrer TBA W 2 - 4
G53.xxxx   Math and Democracy Steven Brams TBA M 6:20 – 8:20
G53.1700   International Relations: Concepts and Theories Shinasi Rama TBA T 4 - 6
G53.2736 G53.1700 International Governance James Hsiung TBA M 6:20 – 8:20
G53.2750 G53.1700 US Foreign Policy David Denoon TBA M 6:20 – 8:20
G53.1730   Normative Issues In International Relations Joel Rosenthal TBA M 4 - 6
G53.1732   Topics in International Organization Joe Parent TBA W 4 - 6
G53.1733   Topics in International Organization: The Politics of Human Rights Lara Nettlefield TBA TBA
G53.1734   Topics in International Organization: Military and Foreign Policy Dessie Zagorcheva TBA M 2 - 4
G53.1735   Topics in International Organization: Nuclear Proliferation Issues ChristineWing TBA M 4 - 6
G53.3700 Perm of
International Trade Peter Rosendorff TBA W 2 - 4
G53.3400   Topics in Political Economy: The Political Economy of Advanced
Industrialized Countries
Prosper Bernard TBA T 2 - 4
G53.3500   Comparative Politics Seminar: The State and Globalization Mehmet Tabak TBA W 6:20 – 8:20
G53.3991   Independent Reading and Research TBA TBA TBA

* Requires permission of instructor.
** Pre-reqs can be waived by permission of instructor.