Philosophy of Language Readings


Wednesday, Jan 21st:

Course structure. Overview of topics to be treated in course.

Monday, Jan 26th:

Ayer, Chapters 1 and 2

Wednesday, Jan 28th:

Ayer, Introduction (pages 10-14), Chapters 3 and 4; David Lewis, “Ayer’s First Empiricist Criterion of Meaning: Why Does it Fail?” (handout).

Monday, Feb 2nd-
Wednesday, Feb 4th:

Ayer, Chapter 6, and Stevensen, “The Emotive Meaning of Ethical Terms” (handout);

Monday, Feb 9th-
Wednesday, Feb 11th:

Quine, “Two Dogmas of Empiricism” (this essay is in both the Stainton and the Richard volumes).

Monday, Feb 16th:

Presidents' Day

Wednesday, Feb 18th:

Davidson, “Truth and Meaning” (in Stainton).

Monday, Feb 23rd:

Davidson, “Radical Interpretation” (in Richard).

Wednesday, Feb 25th:

Grice, “Meaning” (in Stainton).

Monday, March 1st -
Wednesday, March 3rd:

Austin, “Performative Utterances”; Searle, “Meaning and Speech Acts” (both articles in Stainton).

Monday, March 8th-
Wednesday, March 10th:

Horwich, “Meaning”, (in Richard).

Monday, March 15th-
Wednesday, March 17th:

Spring Recess.

Monday, March 22nd-
Wednesday, March 24th:

Russell, “On Denoting” (Ostertag, Chapter 1); Russell, “Descriptions” (Ostertag, Chapter 3); Ostertag, Introduction, §§I-III (§II optional).

Monday, March 29th-
Wednesday, March 31st:

Strawson, “On Referring” (Ostertag, Chapter 6)

Wednesday, March 31st:

Ramachandran, “A Strawsonian Objection to Russell's Theory of Descriptions” (Handout)

Monday, April 5th:

Donnellan, “Reference and Definite Descriptions” (Ostertag, Chapter 8); Ostertag, Introduction, §IV

Wednesday, April 7th:

Wettstein, “Demonstrative Reference and Definite Descriptions” (Ostertag, Chapter 12).

Monday, April 12th-
Monday, April 19th:

Neale, “Context and Communication” (Ostertag, Chapter 14); Ostertag, Introduction, §§ V-VI; Grice, “Logic and Conversation” (in Stainton); Devitt, “Meanings and Psychology” (excerpt).

Wednesday, April 21st:

Frege, “Uber Sinn und Bedeutung” (in Stainton); appears in the same translation as “On Sense and Reference” in Richard.

Monday, April 26th -
Wednesday, April 28th:

Kripke, “Naming and Necessity” (in Richard).

Monday, May 3rd:

Putnam, “Is Semantics Possible?”; Wilson, “Predicate meets Property” (both in Richard).

Wednesday, May 5th:

Final Exam, 6 PM-7:50 PM