Some Suggested Paper topics(but you can also choose your own)Do not write more than 10 pages.


Say what Dennettís Chase & Sanborn argument is and whether it works.


Is there a real difference between the Orwellian and Stalinesque pictures of the phi phenomenon?


State and evaluate OíReganís and NoŽís argument.


Is a functional criterion of similarity and identity compatible with a physicalist view of the specific nature of phenomenal experience?


Does the puzzle that Shoemaker raises for the inverted spectrum hypothesis show that the Frege-Schlick view is right?


Is memory crucial to the inverted spectrum?Assuming inverted spectra can exist at all, could there be an inverted spectrum in a creature that had no memory?


What is Lewisí way of balancing functionalist and physicalist considerations and what is Shoemakerís objection to it?Who is right?