Consciousness, Action and Attention

Thursday 3:30-5:30, Philosophy 2nd floor Seminar Room, 5 Washington Place  (Note the change to the 2nd floor)

Attendance by those who are not PhD students in a philosophy department requires permission of Professor Block

Requirements: A 10 page mid-term paper is due March 13th and a longer term paper is due May 1st.  The term paper can be a revised version of the mid-term paper


Assignments for the remainder of the term

May 1: Sensorimotor 3

NoĎ PPR (2008) précis, NoĎ, Magic Realism, Block review, Hurley, “Varieties of Externalism”.  NoĎ’s “Magic Realism” and Hurley’s paper require the password given out in class.  If you don’t remember it, send me an email.  Those 2 articles will be the main focus of the class.


Reading List


Note: some of the links below are linked to the NYU Library web site.  (They start with ‘ezproxy’.)  If you do not have an NYU email account, you can access the articles via your own library.  If you do not have any library account at all, contact Professor Block about the articles you cannot access.


Qualia: The Inverted Spectrum

Ned Block, “Wittgenstein and Qualia”, Philosophical Perspectives 21, 1, 2007: 73-115, edited by John Hawthorne.

Alex Byrne, “Inverted Qualia”, in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Consciousness and Attention

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Chris Mole, “Attention in the Absence of Consciousness?” forthcoming in Trends in Cognitive Sciences

Chris Mole, “Attention and Consciousness”, Journal of Consciousness Studies.  A new draft of this paper has been posted as of January 30th


The Relation between Consciousness and Attention

Jesse Prinz, “A Neurofunctional Theory of Consciousness”, or here in A. Brook and K. Akins (Eds.) Philosophy and neuroscience. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003

Eric Lormand, Comments on “A Neurofunctional Theory of Visual ConsciousnessPages 260-266

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Jesse Prinz, A Reply to Marcel, Consciousness and Cognition 9, 279–287 (2000)


Consciousness and Cognitive Access

Ned Block, ”Consciousness, Accessibility and the Mesh between Psychology and Neuroscience,” forthcoming in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2008

Replies by Balog, Burge, Byrne Hilbert & Siegel, Clark & Kiverstein, Gopnik, Grush, Harman, Hulme & Whitely, Izard Quinn & Most, Jacob, Kentridge, Koch & Tsuchiya, Kouider, Gardelle & Dupoux, Lamme, Landman & Sligte, Lau & Persaud, Laureys, Levine, Lycan, Malach, McDermott, Naccache & Dehaene, O’Regan & Myin, Prinz, Rosenthal, Sergent & Rees, Shanahan & Baars, Snodgrass & Lepisto, Spener, Tye and Van Gulick (Accessing this file requires a password that will be mentioned in class)

Ned Block, “Overflow, Access and Attention,” responses to the 32 replies


Is the Conscious Will Epiphenomenal?

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The Phenomenology of Agency

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Phenomenal Concepts

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The Sense of Ownership of the Body

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The Timing of Conscious Experiences

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Higher Order vs. Same Order

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Sensorimotor Theories of Consciousness

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Alva NoĎ, “Précis of Action in Perception: Philosophy and Phenomenological Research”, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research LXXVI, 3, May 2008

Commentaries in the same issue of Psyche

Andy Clark  Vision as Dance?

 Pierre Jacob - Why Visual Experience is Likely to Resist Being Enacted

Jesse Prinz - Putting the Brakes on Enactive Perception

William Lycan - Enactive Intentionality

Ned Block, Review of Alva NoĎ, Action in Perception, The Journal of Philosophy, CII, 5, May 2005, 259-272

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Susan Hurley, "Varieties of Externalism", in The Extended Mind, ed. Richard Menary, in press Ashgate. (This link requires a password.  If you don’t remember the password, send an email to Professor Block)

Alva NoĎ, “Magic Realism and the Limits of Intelligibility: What Makes us Conscious(This link requires a password.  If you don’t remember the password, send an email to Professor Block)