Offered Spring 2002
Monday and Wednesday 2:00 - 3:15 PM
Room 408 Main Building

Professor Thomas Nagel
Phone: (212) 998-6225
Email: nagelt@juris.law.nyu.edu
Office: 503-O Main Building
Office hours: Tuesdays 3:00 - 4:0 PM

Pete Graham
Email: pag225@nyu.edu
Office: 503-L Main Building
Office hours: Mondays at 4:00 - 5:00 PM
Joshua Schechter
Email: js665@nyu.edu
Office: 503-N Main Building
Office hours: Wednesdays at 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Required text: Perry and Bratman. Introduction to Philosophy, third edition



January 23rd

Introductory Lecture

January 28th

Descartes, pp. 116-118 (Meditation I)

January 30th

Descartes, pp. 118-121 (Meditation II)

February 4th

Descartes, pp. 121-133 (Meditations III, IV, and V)

February 6th

Descartes, pp. 133-139 (Meditation VI)

February 11th

Locke, pp. 139-144

February 13th

Locke, pp. 139-144

February 16th

Presidents' Day, No Class

February 20th

Berkeley, pp. 145-164 (First Dialogue)

February 25th

Berkeley, pp. 164-166 (Second Dialogue)

February 27th

Berkeley, pp. 166-176 (Third Dialogue)

March 4th

Armstrong, pp. 324-331

March 6th

Churchland, pp. 349-353

March 18th

Jackson, pp. 390-393

March 20th

Lewis, pp. 394-5

March 25th

Campbell, pp. 417-426

March 27th

Hume, pp. 426-436

April 1st

Strawson, pp. 460-466

April 3rd

Strawson, pp. 466-473

April 8th

Hume, pp. 715-722

April 10th

Hume, pp. 722-733

April 15th

Hume, pp. 733-739

April 17th

Harman, pp. 765-768

April 22nd

Singer, pp. 521-528

April 24th

Williams, pp. 512-517

April 29th

Williams, pp. 517-520

May 1st

Rawls, pp. 598-607

May 6th

Nozick, pp. 611-619

Papers and Final

There will be four 4-page papers and a final exam, each of which will count for one fifth of the final grade, and all of which must be completed to get credit for the course.
The first paper will be assigned Feb. 6 and due Feb. 20.
The second paper will be assigned March 4 and due March 18.
The third paper will be assigned March 27 and due April 8.
The fourth paper will be assigned April 17 and due April 29.

The final will be a closed book exam, consisting of quotations from the readings, to be identified and explained.

Papers should be turned in in class on the due date. Late papers will be penalized one step per day, to a maximum of one full grade. You may rewrite one paper for an improved grade if you choose.

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