Central Problems of Philosophy (V83.0010)
Fall 1998
Prof. Stephen Schiffer


  1. Free Will and Moral Responsibility
Reading: Introduction: On the Study of Philosophy. Part IV, section E: Campbell, Hume, Taylor, Frankfurt, and Strawson (unless otherwise specified, all references are to the 4th edition of Perry & Bratman).
  1. Who Are We and Why Should We Care?—Personal Identity and the Mind/Body Problem
Part IV, sections A and B: Ryle, Armstrong, Dennett, Churchland, Putnam, Turing, and Searle. Part IV, section C: all selections. Part IV, section D: Perry.
  1. Knowledge and Skepticism
Part III, section A: all selections. Part III, section B: Ayer. Part III, section C: Salmon.
  1. Does God Exist?—Theism, Agnosticism, and Atheism
Part II: all selections.
  1. Justice and Equality
Part V, section D: all selections.
  1. Puzzles and Paradoxes
Part VI, section B: The Paradox of the Heap; The Surprise Examination. Part VI, section C: The Prisoner’s Dilemma; Newcomb’s Problem. Part VI, section D: all selections.