Offered Spring 2000

Professor Frances Kamm

The Bioethics Seminar will be conducted in the Spring by Frances Kamm. It will meet Wednesdays from 5 to 7 PM. Papers for discussion will be available one week in advance and will be distributed at the preceding seminar. They can also be picked up at the Department of Philosophy, Main Building Room 503, 100 Washington Square East and that is where you can find the first paper. Many of the papers will also be available on this web page by clicking on the title of the paper. Inquiries should be addressed to Pete Graham in the Department of Philosophy: The Seminar will meet in the NYU School of Medicine.

The February 2nd meeting will take place in Conference Room A on the 15th floor of the HCC Building. The February 16th and the March 8th meetings will take place in Schwartz Lecture Hall - D. All other colloquium meetings will be held in the Snow Dining Room. All locations are in the NYU Medical School.

Students may take this seminar for credit. For information on course requirements and meeting times, please see the Spring 2000 Graduate Course Announcement.

Schedule of Visitors:

February 2, 2000:

Allen Buchanan
University of Arizona

February 16, 2000:

Dan Brock
Brown University

March 1, 2000:

Norman Daniels
Tufts University

March 8, 2000:

Judith Thomson
  • "Physician-Assisted Suicide: Two Moral Arguments" in the April 1999 issue of Ethics, Volume 109. Copies of the article are available in the Philosophy Department.

March 22, 2000:

Seana Shiffrin

March 29, 2000:

David Velleman
University of Michigan

April 12, 2000:

Ruth Faden
Johns Hopkins University

April 19, 2000:

Paul Menzel
Pacific Lutheran University

April 26, 2000:

Dan Brock
Brown University

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