Congratulations to Paula Matthusen, PhD Candidate MUSIC GSAS, who has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at Florida International University.

Congratulations to Christopher Ariza, PhD MUSIC GSAS 2005, who continues to develop new courses in programming and technology in his Assistant Professor position at Towson University.

Congratulations to Matthew Quayle, PhD Candidate MUSIC GSAS, whose string orchestra adagio Gridley Paige Road has been selected as the Grand Prize winner of the 2007 Fauxharmonic Orchestra International String Adagio Composition Competition. Matthew recently moved from New York City to North Carolina, where he is Lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

The Washington Square Computer Music Studio is a comprehensive research and composition lab for graduate students in NYU's GSAS music department.

NYU, Faculty of Arts and Sciences,
Music Department:
24 Waverly Place, Room 268
New York, NY 10003
phone: 212.998.8315 or 998.8300
fax: 212.995.4147

Director -

Elizabeth Hoffman
elizabeth.hoffman [at]

Lab Assistant, SPRING 2008

Ivan Goff
ivan.goff [at]

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