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The program is held usually in June, 2 weeks online and one week on site. The online segment includes reading assignments and reaction/journal entries, viewing and critiquing video-recorded classes, development of tasks and activities. It is asynchronous with 2 live chat sessions per week. The on-site component runs for five hours daily (9:00 am — 3:00 pm). Every session consists of interactive presentations and modeling of best practices by a second language acquisition specialist and of hands-on language-specific applications supervised by language experts. The language-specific activities address communicative ways of teaching literacy skills, register use and use of authentic materials, as well as the designing of culture-based authentic and quasi-authentic activities.

Below are examples of syllabi from past StartTalk programs.

  • Curriculum philosphy statement PDF
  • Elementary syllabus I PDF
  • Elementary syllabus II PDF
  • Intermediate syllabus I PDF
  • Intermediate syllabus II PDF
  • Advanced syllabus I PDF
  • Advanced syllabus II PDF
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