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Environment unit (हिन्दी)

  • All unit materials in a zipped package ZIP
  • Lesson plan 1: Students will recognize and speak about different kinds of pollution and its impact on the planet. They will understand and explain sources of pollution and be able to express ideas to decrease pollution. DOC | PDF
  • Lesson plan 2: Discuss and present eco solutions. Describe how to recylce materials. And discuss the story The Whispering Palms. DOC | PDF
  • Lesson plan 3: Express opinions about good and harmful effects on the environment. Discuss facts about endangered species and their survival. (See World Sparrow Day below.) DOC | PDF
  • Handouts
    • The Whispering Palms Link to youtube video and glossary of terms. DOC | PDF
    • World Sparrow Day DOC | PDF
    • Environment related resources In both Hindi and Urdu. DOC | PDF

Family unit (हिन्दी)

  • All unit materials in a zipped package ZIP
  • Lesson plan: Introduce various relations through a presentation about Malia Obama’s family. The teacher will implement a variety of “input” strategies to ensure that students comprehend and begin to internalize targeted vocabulary and language functions. DOCX | PDF
    • Introduction to Malia Obama's family PPTX
    • Malia's family relations matching worksheet DOC | PDF
    • “My Family” worksheetDOC | PDF
    • Malia's family photo worksheet DOC | PDF
    • Bingo game cards DOC | PDF
    • Family relation slips DOC | PDF
    • Family tree template PDF
    • Family vocabulary word list DOC | PDF
  • Thematically Organized Assessment: Rohan is going to India to study abroad for a semester. In anticipation of the visit, he and his host mother begin to communicate electronically. She sends him an email with pictures of the family and information about each person. This gives him a good idea of the people with whom he will live during his time in India. DOC | PDF
  • Additional material: The movie हम साथ साथ हैं (hum sath sath hain) on youtube. LINK

Food unit (हिन्दी)

  • All unit materials in a zipped package ZIP
  • Lesson plan 1
  • Days 1 & 2 Food Fair: Different types of food items are specialties of different regions of India. You have to put up a stall from a certain region of India. To start, you have to know what the Indian food items look like, their taste and also what your preferences are. DOC
  • Day 3 Foods of India: In the process of making baadam ki barfi students learn to use verbal command forms and also alternative forms of oblique pronouns. Needs and preferences are also covered. PPTX
  • Day 4 Street Food: Students examine and discuss menus from food stalls in India. They identify geographical regions and cultural variations evident in the selection of items sold in the food stalls. They then create original menus for food stalls including brief descriptions of the foods offered and prices. PPTX
  • Day 5 Food Fair: Different types of food items are specialties of different regions of India. The school is having an International food fair. Put up a stall selling food from a certain region of India. Make a poster, a slogan or a poem telling why your items are special and why the buyer should buy them. DOC
  • Handouts
    • Food map of India showing regional specialties. PPTX
    • Pictures of several well-known specialities. DOC
  • Lesson plan 2
  • Novice: Students learn to express likes and dislikes in restaurants and recognize dishes from different regions of India. PDF
  • Intermediate: Make and understand requests in the context of food and follow instructions in a recipe. PDF
  • Advanced: Describe the qualities of several plants and foods, including their health benefits. PDF

Seasons unit (हिन्दी)

  • All unit materials in a zipped package ZIP
  • Lessons 1 and 2
  • Lesson plans: Two one-hour lessons for intermediate/mid-level students. The lessons explore the seasons and weather patterns in India and build a rich variety of vocabulary, phrases, and expressions. PDF
    • Handouts Lesson 1
    • Pictures of the six seasons DOC | PDF
    • Seasonal weather map of various Indian cities DOC | PDF
    • Weather forcast (video pop up) VIDEO
    • Comparing the weather in America and India DOC | PDF
    • The Hindu calendar and seasons compared with the Gregorian calendar DOC | PDF
    • Dressing for the season (slideshow) PDF
    • Verbs related to weather and the seasons DOC | PDF
    • Handouts Lesson 2
    • Weather phrase matching exercise review of lesson 1 DOC | PDF
    • Reading comprehension exercise DOC | PDF
    • Common idioms DOC | PDF
  • Thematically Organized Assessment
  • Planning a trip through India: You and your friends are on a study abroad in India staying with an host family. Over the school break, you plan to travel within the country. Your job is to find out about the weather in places you will be visiting. DOC
  • Related links
  • Set the context with the youtube video of the song तू मायके मत जइयो (tu maike mat jaioo) LINK

Celebrations unit (اردو)

  • All unit materials in a zipped package ZIP
  • Thematically Organized Assessments
  • Celebrating Eid in Pakistan: You are going to Pakistan during summer vacation to celebrate Eid with your cousins who live there. You decide to invite one of your American Indian friends because he/she has does not know much about how Eid is observed in Pakistan and would like to take part in an authentic cultural experience. DOC
  • Grandparents' wedding aniversary: You are going to Pakistan during summer vacation to celebrate your grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. All of the grandchildren are writing poems and essays about their immediate family as a gift for your grandparents. You and your cousin get together to talk about the trip and the party. DOC

Homes unit (اردو)

  • All unit materials in a zipped package ZIP
  • Lesson plans
  • Building homes in Pakistan: Students will be able to describe/compare homes of Pakistan versus homes of the United States. DOC
    • Homes in America PPT
    • Homes in Pakistan PPTX
    • Maps of Pakistan [outline, major features, flood zones] DOCX | PDF
    • Story: Our Home PDF
  • Related links
    • Slide show of flooding in Pakistan. LINK
    • Online maps of flood areas in Pakistan. LINK
    • Causes of flooding in Pakistan. PDF | LINK

Sample Lesson Plans

Click a unit above to see sample lesson plans and download resources.

    Delhi travel lesson (intermediate low/mid level students): PDF
    • Planning email about the Delhi tripPDF
    • Short true or false quiz about the planning emailPDF
    • Timeline and facts and sights from the Delhi tripPDF
    Homes lessons (Novice high level)
    • Indian homesPDF
    • Pakistani homesPDF
    Food lesson plans
    • Novice: Learn to recognize several dishes and express likes and dislikesPDF
    • Intermediate: Understand and make orders, give and follow instructionsPDF
    • Advanced: Explain the health benefits of certain foods and plantsPDF
    Good and bad habits (Mixed-abilities classroom — high novice & low/mid intermeediate) formulate advice, different levels of obligation, and frequent and progressive activities. PDF
    Weather lesson (Hindi-Urdu) PDF
    Advanced Hindi lesson on female feticide in India.PDF
    Advanced Hindi lesson on women and Partition.PDF
  • Additional materials (the materials below are for the Women and Partition lesson
      Amrita Pritam: Materials about the Punjabi language writer.
    • Saadat Manto: Materials about the Urdu-language writer. (in Devanagari script)
      • Biography (1912-1955) PDF
      • Khol Do PDF
      • Thanda Ghost PDF
      • Tobek Tek Singh PDF
    • A project on change in the educational system. Watch the movie Three Idiots and speak up with Bolo Ji.PDF

    Authentic Resources

      • Extensive list of environment related resources in both Hindi and Urdu. DOC | PDF
      • Hindi and Urdu short stories on youtube (intermediate through advanced levels) DOC
      • Online Hindi literature and newspapers PDF
      • Online Urdu literature and newspapers PDF
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