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Virtual Hindi

What is Unicode?

Unicode is a 16-bit encoding standard that allows all characters of every major language in the world to be represented. Unicode is platform independent, meaning if you typed something in Windows, it would appear the same way on a Macintosh machine. Most modern systems have built-in unicode support and often require nothing more than a unicode compliant font for any particular language. The material on this website was created using a unicode compliant Devanagari font. If you can see the following sentence, then your computer should have no problems viewing this site:

हिन्दी भारत की राष्ट्रभाषा है | (Hindi bhaarat kii raashtrabhaashaa hai .)

If you cannot view the sentence above, try chaning the font encoding to "UTF-8" in your browser. Most users should find this option by going to View > Encoding.

If you still are not able to view the sentence above, please try following the suggestions for your particular operating system. If nothing works, you may still view the old version of this site (which is not as up-to-date and is no longer maintained) by clicking the following link, Virtual Hindi Old.


  • Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows XP
    - Unicode support is built in and you should have no problems.
    - You can download the following font just incase, download to your Windows/Fonts folder: Raghu8
  • Windows 95 / Windows 98 / Windows Me
    - Download and install the following font, download to your Windows/Fonts folder: Raghindi
    - Win Me should work now, but for Win98/95, you must also download the Takhti editor, unzip it, run it and close it. It should auto detect the correct files needed to display the unicode font. If not, please see the additional instructions on the Takhti site.
    - Rebooting the computer is advised, but not required. Refreshing the webpage in the browser should be enough.


  • Mac OS X (and above)
    - Unicode support is built in and you should have no problems. Advised to use Safari web browser. Note, site was tested on OS X - Panther, prior versions of OS X should also work with appropriate unicode font.
  • Mac OS 9.x
    - Using your OS 9.x installation cd, launch the Language Pack installer and install the Devanagari pack (see link in step 3 for installation instructions).
    - Reboot and the font should display.
  • Mac OS 8.6.x
    - Same as OS 9.x except you'll be installing "Multilingual Internet Access" rather than Language Packs.
  • Mac OS 8.5.x
    - Unfortunately there is no language support provided by Apple, and seperate language packs will have to be bought.

Other OSes

  • Linux
    - Please visit the following site for more information : Devanagari for Linux
  • Unix, OS2, BeOS, others
    - Unknown, we suggest you search google.
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