The Connoisseurs Circle: Current Members

The Institute of Fine Arts would like to recognize the members of the Connoisseurs Circle who provide generous support for student fellowships.

Robert and Richard Huber
Victoria and Samuel I. Newhouse, Jr.
Judy and Michael Steinhardt
Alicia and Norman Volk

Patricia and Steve Beckwith
Glenys and Kermit Birchfield
Marguerite and Kent Charugundla
Hester Diamond
Jane and Robert Draizen
Lois Severini and Enrique Foster Gittes
Christina and Guillaume Malle
Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon Polsky
Jonathan D. Rabinowitz
Elizabeth and Reuben Richards
Julie and David Tobey

Lawrence Benenson
William L. Bernhard
Debra Black
Ildiko Butler
Amy K. Cosgrove
Margaret Culver
Georgia de Havenon
Priscilla Elkow Muller
Elizabeth Estabrook
Elizabeth Glaeser
Jane Gould
Isabella Hutchinson
Mary Manges
Helen Nash
Michael O'Connor
Purcell Palmer
Barbara Pine
Kenneth Rosenbaum
Patricia Allen Ross
Fredric T. Schneider
Lise Scott
Bob Scully
Bernard Selz
Virginia St. George Smith
Stephanie Stokes
Susan Tirschwell
Daniel Wolf
Nadia Zilkha

Current as of October 1, 2014

Connoisseurs Executive Committee

Stephen R. Beckwith, Chairman
William L. Bernhard
Jane Draizen
Roberta Huber
Guillaume Malle
Judy Steinhardt
David Tobey
Alicia Volk
Patricia Rubin, Ex-Officio

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