MA Theses


Sarah Gonzalez, The Demonic Mirror of Siyah Qalam: Societal Self-Perception through Depictions of Demons, Advisor: Pricsilla Soucek

Betty Hensellek, A Reconsideration of the So-Called Sasanian Senmurv Kaftan, Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Briana Jackson
, Universalizing Tendencies and the Exchange of Art and Luxury Goods in the Reigns of Amenhotep III and Akhenaten, Advisor: David O'Connor

Shannon Ness
, The Juno in the Kitchen: Representations of Women in the Domestic Shrines of Pompeii, Advisor: Katherine Welch

Myungjin Shin
, Frederick Law Olmstead's System of Parks and Parkways in the Emerald Necklace, Boston, Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Schuyler Swartout
, Fifth-century Sarcophagi from Aquitania and the Question of Visigothis Patronage, Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke


Alzahraa Ahmed, Refiguring Figurines: The Many Lives of Amulets/Dolls across the Byzantine and Islamic Eastern Mediterranean, 6th -12th Century, Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Eva Bezverkhny
, The New Vision: The Cinematic Apparatus in Russia, Germany, and France, 1920-1929, Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Mary Brass
, Roman Catholic Imagery and Philosophy in Rauschenberg's Work of the 1950s and 60s, Advisor: Thomas Crow

Michelle Brown
, Dancing with Scissors: Embodied Responses to Matisse's Representations of Dance, Advisor:  Linda Nochlin

Natalie Bunnell
, Modernismo and Magazine Illustration in Mexico City, 1890-1910, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Emily Cannarella
, Tradition, Imitation, and Ornament: Giorgio Vasari’s Holy Family with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist in the Acton Collection, Villa La Pietra, Advisor: Patricia Rubin

Matthew Collins
, Mussolini the Demigod: From Pictures and Words to Buildings and Streets, Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Alexandra Courcoulas
, Constructing Cities/ Constructing Identities: Thessaloniki and Izmir in the early Twentieth Century, Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Alexander Coyle
, Historical Problems and the Representation of Time at San Marco in Venice, Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Julie Emerson
, Painting the "Authentic": Carlos Alberto Castellanos on Both Sides of the Atlantic, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Austen Leigh De Pinto
, Women of Aphrodisias: Female Portrait Sculpture in its Civic and Cultural Context, Advisor: Katherin Welch

Alexandra Gardiner
, Women Avowed: Female Representations on Attic White Ground Lekythoi, Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke

Sarah Hardin
, Charlotte Park’s Paintings and Abstract Expressionism, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Rebecca Jones
, Hiroshi Sugimoto's Dioramas and Medieval Holy Images, Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Farisa Khalid
, Starstruck: Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood, Advisor: Thomas Crow

Emma Rose Kiefer
, Andrea, Nardo, and Jacopo di Cionel Collaboration in Mid-Trecento Florentine Painting, Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Rachel Kim
, Hervé Télémaque’s Return to Figuration, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Emily Klasson
, Deutschland will leben- Deutschland muß bauen: Architectural Exhibitions in Postwar Germany, Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Melinda Lang
, Un-stacking Judd’s Stacks: The Delegated Fabrication Process, Advisor: Jeffrey Weiss

Amelia Langer
, Antonio Seguí, 1961-1970: Buenos Aires to Paris, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Kimberly Marcelino
, Disappearance and Depiction: Illustrations of Itinerant Traders in Post-Industrial Paris and London, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Emily Melchin
, Women's Work: Images of Women by WPA-FAP Female Printmakers, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Amy Miranda
, Three Critical Circuses for Roman Architecture: The Circus Maximus, Circus Varianus, and Circus of Maxentius, Advisor: Katherin Welch

Erika Nelson
, The Collection of Jules S. Bache, Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Elizabeth Pisano
, A Good Picture Always Sells Well?: Charles T. Yerkes and the Rise of Spectacle in the Modern Auction, Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Blanca De La Válgoma Rodríguez-Monge
, Politics and Portraits: The Exchange of Royal Portraits between Spain, France and Austria in the 1650s, Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Blanca Serrano
, The Baroque and the Neo-Baroque in the Cuban Visual and Literary Avant-Gardes, 1930-50, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Kimia Shahi
, …To draw the Eyes of the Spectators upon them: Bernard Picart and the Indian Image, in the Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde, Advisor: Finbarr Barry Flood

Frances Holly Shen
, The Art/work of Mel Bochner’s Working Drawings, Advisor: Jeffrey Weiss

Samantha Small
, Agency in Print: Kathe Kollwitz and Fin-de-Siècle German Print Culture, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Jeffrey Uslip
, Cady Noland: Towards (And Against) A 1960s Methodology, Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Vittoria Vignone
, From Attributes to Emblems: Pervasive Imagery of Cortigiane Oneste in Sixteenth-Century Italian Painting, Advisor: William Hood

Kathleen White
, Damaged Child: Poor Children in Photography, Print and Film of the Great Depression, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Arielle Winnik
, Silks with Ornamental Palmette Tree Designs in Late Antique Egypt, Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Sandra Williams
, Antoin Sevruguin and His Contemporaries, Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Allison Young
, Penny Siopis' My Lovely Day: Film and the Politics of Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Evan Williams
, Ever Drifting: Anna Atkins and the Birth of the Photobook, Advisor: Robert Slifkin