The Contemporary Art Consortium

The Contemporary Art Consortium at New York University's Institute of Fine Arts acts as a network and outlet for discussions about contemporary art, as well as keeping those apprised of current happenings throughout New York and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to connect our academic community with artists, scholars, curators, conservators, gallerists, collectors, and other New Yorkers with an interest in the arts and to promote exhibitions and projects by IFA students and alumni. Actively engaging within the contemporary art context, the CAC also invites artists to speak about their practice as part of the Artists at the Institute lecture series and presents works by leading contemporary artists with the Great Hall Exhibitions.

IFA ContemporaryOpen link in new window is a student-run contemporary art journal with contributions from IFA students and alumni of reviews, articles, and essays.

Student Coordinator
Madeline Turner


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Artists at the Institute

Julie Mehretu

Click hereOpen link in new window to see more Artists at the Institute videos including Haim Steinback, Carroll Dunham, Marina Abramovich, Agnes Denes, Peter Halley and others.

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